7 Wedding Etiquette Rules That Are Okay to Break

Modern times call for modern weddings! Take a look at which wedding etiquette rules are fine to not uphold for your big day.

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To this day, many engaged couples are pondering over the established wedding etiquette rules that have lasted for decades and we think that it’s time to start breaking some. Read which seven wedding etiquette rules we think can be archived now.

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There was a point when a dowry was a huge necessity prior to marriage. The bride’s family would pay the groom’s family, as if they were selling off a piece of property. Obviously, this tradition isn’t practiced today and this made us wonder which wedding rules are still being upheld, despite their outdated nature. Let’s all have a laugh at some of these antiquated wedding standards, shall we?

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1. The Bride Wearing White

With the new trend of colored wedding dresses, we think it’s safe to say that this rule is slowly becoming extinct. Don’t get us wrong: we love wedding dresses in all shapes and colors, but we say if a bride feels more beautiful in this blush pink number than in a white ball gown, let her wear it!

2. The Guests Wearing White

It was often said that wearing white to a wedding if you’re not the bride was a huge offense. Thanks to Pippa Middleton donning a gorgeous white dress, it made it more acceptable for guests and even the entire wedding party to wear white to the wedding. Trust us, no one will confuse you for the bride.

3. Any Rule Dealing with Who Pays

Here’s a very traditional summary of who pays for what: the bride’s parents pay for the church or place of worship, the dress and all accessories, all flower arrangements in the ceremony and the reception, the invitations, photography, reception food, and transportation. The groom’s family pays for the honeymoon, bride’s ring, groom’s outfit, and some flower arrangements.

In today’s society, many couples are creating budgets and are opting to pay for their own wedding. Most parents usually offer the couple any amount of monetary assistance or some even choose to pay for entire elements such as the photography or the catering. We feel this is a better idea than the original.

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4. Bridal Shower Hosting: No Moms

The old school rule of moms not being able to host bridal showers has passed. Then, it was considered rude for the bride’s mother to host the shower, mainly because it painted this picture of a greedy bride and mother. Sisters were also not allowed to host showers for the same purpose. Throw this rule out and let your mom have fun planning and preparing the shower she’s throwing for you.

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5. Wedding Parties are Necessary

While it’s uncommon, it’s okay to not have a wedding party. Not everyone will decide to do this, but if you and your future spouse-to-be are hesitant about a wedding party for any reason, consider not having one at all. If you simply explain that you didn’t want one, there will be no hurt feelings.

6. The Groom Can’t See Your Wedding Dress

Many women will stick to this tradition, solely because she wants to stun everyone when she walks down the aisle. On the other hand, if you really value your groom’s input about your wedding dress, invite him with you when you begin wedding dress shopping. It won’t put a curse on the two of you, we promise.

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7. Ceremony Seating: Bride’s Side, Groom’s Side

Everyone thinks there are two distinct areas for the bride’s side of the wedding guest list, and the groom’s. A wedding is a celebration of two lives joining, so why not forego seating arrangements and let everyone sit where they want?

Wedding traditions tie us to the past, yet at times these can put a damper on wedding planning. When it comes to weddings, certain rules are meant to be broken. Have fun, and plan your wedding how you see it.

What other “wedding rules” are outdated?

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