7 Wedding Decor Items that Make an Instant Autumn Wedding

Autumn can be a tricky time for weddings. The weather can fluctuate from Summer hot to Winter cold, and sometimes all within one day! But there are a some distinctive items that once you see them make you instantly think of an autumnal wedding no matter how warm or cool the weather may be.

1. Changing Leaves

You couldn’t ask for a more dynamic spectacular backdrop than trees changing leaves. Though this may not be a specific decor item, it certainly sets the mood and the atmosphere. There’s no mistaking the autumnal setting when you see orange and red leaves in the picture – it’s also a great option for engagement photos!

Credits: João Almeida Photography
Credits: Picjumbo

2. Pomegranates (and Pine Cones)

The autumnal red of the pomegranate make it the perfect Fall fruit to include at your wedding. Along with the quintessential pine cone, pomegranates fit perfectly in a bouquet. You could also make them a healthy snack for guests to nibble on – or, if you’re not afraid of the stains or, in fact, welcome them, you could use them as eco-friendly confetti instead of paper or rice.

Credits: It’s All About
Credits: Picjumbo

3. Pumpkins and Squash

We’re definitely heading into Fall territory here – nothing is more autumn-inducing than the Pumpkin. The featured guest at Halloween and Thanksgiving, this tuber will definitely mark your wedding as autumnal. There are many ways to incorporate the squash and its cousin the pumpkin, but we recommend you simply have them feature as eye-catching decor items. Have you seen some squashes? They can get real funky.

Credits: Pixabay

4. Dried Fruits and Flowers

Not only are dried fruits and flowers truly autumnal, they also have a variety of decor applications: put them in your bouquet, in your wreath, on your wedding tables, in your aisle confetti, etc. But that’s not all, just because they’re dried up doesn’t mean they’ve lost their perfume or flavor – you can also use dried fruits and flowers as potpourri or to flavor up your cocktails and drinks!

Credits: Picjumbo 
Credits: Pixabay

5. Hot chocolate

Who doesn’t love to cradle a thick hot chocolate in a large bowl cup while sitting by the fire? For us, hot chocolate season starts in Fall and we think they make a great addition to your desert table. Remember those dried fruits? Those would go great in your hot chocolate, too!

Credits: 135 milímetros
Credits: Pixabay
 So what do you say? Do we have you thinking of Fall now? Do you agree with our list or do you have a few others that you think are the quintessential autumnal items that should be up there? Let us know in the comments!
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