7 Unique Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Day proposal cupcakes from Jo’s Cakes

February 14 is fast approaching and we can already hear stories of engagement rings buried in desserts and dropped in champagne glasses. That’s why we’re sharing a few proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, because really, there’s nothing romantic about the Heimlich maneuver.

Ready to swap “Will you be my Valentine?” for “Will you marry me?” If you’re not enlisting the help of a proposal planner, here are seven unique Valentine’s Day proposal ideas that don’t involve a choking hazard.

Hide the ring in a series of heart-shaped boxes

1. Box of Boxes

Buy a bunch of heart-shaped candy boxes starting with a large box and decreasing in size. Empty all of the candy and put the engagement ring in the smallest box. Put that box inside of the next smallest box and so on. Give the big heart-shaped box to your partner. They’ll have to keep opening boxes to discover the ring. Or…

2. Simple Switch

Just buy one heart-shaped box of chocolates and replace one of the chocolates with an engagement ring. This way they get to eat the candy too!

Romantic Card from Card & Caboodle

3. Tonight’s Dinner “Specials”

Take your loved one out for a romantic dinner but arrange a plan with the restaurant beforehand. Have the waiter hand your sweetheart a list of “specials” which are really ten reasons why you love them. On the backside, print “Will you marry me?” and have the ring ready.

4. Preemptive V-Day Card

Buy a Valentine’s Day card that says “To my fiance on Valentine’s Day” and give it to your partner. As they express their surprise, drop to one knee and pop the question.

Why not propose with Marry Me conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day?

5. Carefully Selected Conversation Hearts

Pick up several bags of candy conversation hearts and find all the hearts that say “Marry Me.” Put them together in a special heart-shaped candy dish and give it to her. As your sweetheart starts reading the conversation hearts, get down on one knee with the ring.

6. The Language of Love

Get a little blank book and write “Will you marry me?” in a different language on each page. Start with the tongue your partner knows the least, and lead up to their native language. We’re always thinking of ways to incorporate different cultures into weddings and this is an especially great idea for international couples. Here are a few examples, although you might choose to add more translations.
Spanish: Te casas conmigo?
Japanese: Watashito kekkon shite kuremasuka?
Finnish: Haluatko naida minut?
German: Willst Du mich heiraten?
Italian: Lo sposerete?
French: Veux-tu m’épouser?

Marry Me cupcakes. Photo via Cupcakes Take the Cake

7. Handmade with Love

Create something with your own two hands – a crafty handmade gift, a special dinner or a cake with “Will you marry me?” spelled out across it. Authentic and handmade is always a special touch. Check out Cupcakes Take the Cake blog for cupcake inspiration. If you do go with an edible option, just remember to keep the ring out of it.

Which Valentine’s Day proposal do you like best? Tell us in the comments below.

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