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7 Bridal Styles: What Type of Bride are You and What Should You Wear?

Are you picky? Are you carefree? Do you see the world through rose-tinted glasses? Find out which bridal style best suits you!

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Trying to figure out what your bridal style is? Don’t sweat it, just remember to be true to yourself! Trends are great and fun to follow from year to year, just remember that some may work for you and some may not. There were plenty of barely-there wedding dresses this past Spring 2016 season, but if that’s not your thing or it doesn’t suit your look then you don’t need to get a wedding dress that is a product of the latest trend. We know it can be hard to pin-point what bridal look best suits you, so we’ve outlined the personality types and their best bridal styles. So take a look and see which one best suits you!

1. The Sophisticated Bride


Frills and lace are not your thing. The 90s sleek chic is your favorite decade in fashion. You prefer timeless elegance over momentary trends and consider yourself a very rational person.

saveCredits: Brides
J Mendel Spring 2016, credits: Brides
saveCredits: Brides
Nicole Miller Spring 2016, credits: Brides

Our tips: opt for wedding dresses with clean lines and silhouettes (like the A-line or a sheath wedding dress). We also suggest looking for dresses that use more rigid fabrics like jaquard, organza and heavy satin to create a strong silhouette. If you’re a bit more playful, try asymmetrical cuts, or modernistic additions like laser cut detailing or origami like folding (as seen in the Angel Sanchez Spring 2016 Bridal Collection).

2. The Romantic Bride

For you, love is everything – especially on your big day. It’s a moment that you’ve dreamed about ever since you were a child and looked forward to your whole life. You tend to see life through rose-tinted glasses and many have deemed you a hopeless romantic.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016

Jenny Packham Spring 2016

Our Tip: opt for layers and softer fabrics like chiffon and tulle to add a softer appearance. If you’re a little more playful, try different colored dresses – blush wedding dresses are incredibly romantic. The Spring 2016 Bridal Collections from Monique Lhuillier and Jenny Packham are filled with truly lovely, sweet wedding dresses that will please any romantic bride.

3. The Vintage Bride

You’re a big fan of past fashions, idolizing the forties and thirties glam silver screen goddesses and the twenties flappers. You’ve plundered the closets of grandmothers and are a big fan of vintage fairs. You constantly think you were born in the wrong decade.

saveClaire Pettibone Spring 2016
Claire Pettibone Spring 2016

Our Tip: Opt for beads and sequins if you’re going for a flapper look and concentrate on the accessories like gloves, shoes and veils, which can be very distinctively vintage inspired. There are several bridal designers that draw their inspirations from vintage looks, such as British designer Eliza Jane Howell and American bridal designer Claire Pettibone. Or better yet, ask your family! Nothing is more precious than vintage passed down from generation to generation.

4. The Fashionista Bride

You have a yearly subscription to all the fashion magazines (Elle, Vogue, WWD, etc) and follow the hottest designers and “It Girls” on Instagram. You stream Fashion Week catwalks and pre-order on Moda Operandi. You watched Gossip Girl religiously for the outfits…and Chuck Bass.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2016
saveMarches Spring 2016
Marches Spring 2016

Our Tip: opt for light, see-through fabrics and lots of illusion lace to capture the look that dominated the Spring 2016 Bridal Collections. It’s all in the details with trends, but sometimes big brand names can be a real shock to the wallet. Luckily there are sites where brides sell their pre-owned designer wedding dresses for a more affordable price than if you buy off the rack.

5. The Eccentric Bride

You see things differently than most people – so much so that people often think you’re “on” something, but that’s just your natural energy. You fear nothing more than boredom and seek to make every day special.

saveVera Wang Spring 2016
Vera Wang Spring 2016
YolanCris Spring 2016

Our Tip: play with tradition and opt for dark colors for your wedding dress and alternative cuts. Your family and friends know you well and won’t be shocked by your choice so be yourself!

6. The Sexy Bride

You’re comfortable in your own skin and some people mistake that for a super-sized ego, but you’re just happy with who you are and how you look – you’re not afraid to flaunt what you got!

saveInbal Dror Spring 2016
Inbal Dror Spring 2016
saveReem Acra Spring 2016
Reem Acra Spring 2016

Our Tip: opt for form-hugging silhouettes, deep Vs and scooped backs in transparent fabrics – though, sexy isn’t always about showing it all, sometimes, the suggestion is more titillating that the reveal.

7. The Bohemian Bride

You’re a free spirit and prefer human interaction to social media. You love the music and fashion from the 60s and 70s and have raided your mother’s closet many, many times.

saveHoughton Spring 2016
Houghton Spring 2016

Our Tip: opt for flowy cuts and breathable fabrics that can catch a soft summer breeze and set your wedding dress billowing. Bridal designers such as Houghton have a very bohemian aesthetic, especially in their latest Spring Bridal Collection.

So which bride are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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