5 Wedding Photography Styles to Choose for Your Big Day

Here is a list of 5 Wedding Photography Styles to consider when choosing your photographer, kindly compiled by our friends over at Snapknot!

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When you are planning your wedding and trying to decide what type of photos you want to have taken, the first step is to find your perfect wedding photographer. You want to make sure you are choosing someone who you not only love but who takes amazing wedding photos that you think will be perfect for your own wedding day.

One very important factor to think about when choosing your photographer is the wedding photography style that they use. Sometimes, they use many different styles and can change up how they photograph for each and every client. But sometimes photographers specialize in one specific style.

Today we want to share a quick overview of a few common photography styles, so you have an idea of what type you love the most… because you have to make sure you are absolutely in LOVE with your photographer and you want to love the photos they take. Don’t forget that your wedding photos are going to be one of the only keepsakes that you have to look back for memories of your wedding day, so you want them to be perfect.

Here are 5 wedding photography styles that you can choose for your wedding day:


This “timeless” style is where photographers create posed photos of the couple that look beautiful on display. The photographer will typically work from a shot list to make sure that they get every single photo that the bride and groom want. Many couples have traditional wedding photos taken with the bridal party, parents, grandparents and siblings of the bride and groom. They are a great way to get photos of every family member, and to remember who all was present at your special day.

savePhoto: Gideon Photography
Photo: Gideon Photography


The photojournalistic photos come from the types of photos that the news media uses. These are very informal; a reality-based approach that is so popular in wedding photography. Rather than having each and every photo posed and traditional, the photographer will follow you and your guests around and capture moments as they happen in real time. There is no planning or preparation and in the end, you will have photos that capture all the special moments as they unfold throughout your wedding day.

savePhoto: Whitmeyer Photography
Photo: Whitmeyer Photography

Illustrative Photography

Another wedding photography style is illustrative photography that emphasizes composition, lighting and background. It is a blend of the traditional and photojournalistic style. This style is used a lot for engagement photos where the photographer places the couple together in an interesting environment and keeps the shoot relaxed so they will interact together throughout the photo shoot. Illustrative photos will capture a bit of the spontaneous side of the couple in candid shots while also including the poses shots with them.

savePhoto: La Brisa Photography
Photo: La Brisa Photography


These are more formal, posed pictures that emphasize the couple. There is also Fine Art Portraiture, that includes more dramatic lighting, unique angles and European flavor.

savePhoto: The Story Telling Experience
Photo: The Story Telling Experience

Natural Light

In this wedding portrait style, photographers use natural sunlight rather than a camera flash. The photos look very natural, but the photographer has to be skilled to deal with the shadows and other challenges that come along with the lighting.

savePhoto: RM Digital Photography
Photo: RM Digital Photography

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