5 Wedding Bouquet Styles for the Modern Bride

Besides Zankyou, Pinterest is a bride’s best friend. We’re constantly checking the site to find the latest bridal and wedding trends to keep you up-to-date and because we love it – we get to look at beautiful, inspirational things all day! Lately, we’ve been seeing some truly gorgeous wedding bouquets, so much so that we had to make a post about it. Here are the 5 styles that keep catching our breaths.

1. Rainbow Bright

If you thought too much color was an overload and bridal looks had to be subtle and somber, take a look at these bouquets. Just looking at all these colors makes us happy. The splashes of color are cheerful and when combined with multicolor ribbons, makes for a rainbow party in your hands.

Lara Hotz.
Credits: Lara Hotz
Anastasia Chemiseva.
Credits: Anastasia Chemiseva
Sergio Cueto.
Credits: Sergio Cueto

2. Succulents and Fruits

Okay, we have to admit, we have this thing with succulents, but that’s because they are such an amazing plant. Decorative and hardy, the succulent won’t wither like other flowers after a full day and even a bouquet tossing – and that goes for fruits, as well! Fruits add some weight and color, and are super handy (pun intended) if you need a little wedding snack.

Andre Duhopelnikov.
Credits: Andrey Duhopelnikov
Mona Dreams.
Credits: Mona Dreams
Vladimir Soritnskiy.
Credits: Vladimir Soritnskiy

3. Mint Leaves

Okay, this is something we’ve never seen before and we think it’s brilliant. Mint is a wonderful addition to any bouquet, not only does it look fresh but its nature’s breath freshener! Like with fruit, make your bouquets multipurpose – it’s rude to chew gum at your wedding so keep your breath clean and fresh with some handy mint.

Sally Pinera.
Credits: Sally Pinera
Carolina Guzik Photography.
Credits: Carolina Guzik Photography
The Nichols.
Credits: The Nichols

4. Hand-picked Wilderness

If you’re going for a more down-to-earth, bohemian bridal look then a bouquet that looks like you just picked it on a whim as you strolled through the fields and woods is just the thing. These bouquets have a certain touch of whimsy and innocence that make us want to go frolicking through the wilds.

Matrenin Aleksey.
Credits: Matrenin Aleksey
Momenta Bodas.
Credits: Momenta Bodas
Claire Saucaz.
Credits: Claire Saucaz
Credits: Danielle Capito
Credits: Danielle Capito

5. Dusty Tones

If white is too little and rainbow is too much, opt for a bouquet in dusty pastel shades. Combined with silvery greens, it’s the perfect subtle accent to a white dress. 

Anna Routh Photography.
Credits: Anna Routh Photography
Olga Mishenko.
Credits: Olga Mishenko

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