5 Ways To A Stress Free Wedding

Have a stress free wedding from the beginning of all your planning to the day you say "I do"

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We know that planning a wedding is such a huge task! It can be very easy to get stressed out if you let it. There are so many details to plan from finding the venue, putting together your guest list, choosing your theme and colors, picking out your perfect gown and so much more. If you stay organized and stick to your wedding planning checklist, you can have a stress free wedding from the beginning of all your planning to the day you say your ‘I do’s.’

There are many ways to keep your stress level down that we want to share with you today. Remember, your wedding is going to be an amazing day no matter what, so keep these 5 tips from SnapKnot in mind to keep your planning stress-free!

savephoto: Pizelle Photography
photo: Pizelle Photography

 1. Keep your budget in check.

When you first get engaged and start your wedding planning, one of the first things you need to do is to figure out your budget. It is important to know this so you can better decide how much money you have to allocate to specific items and which things you want to spend more or less on. Then, be diligent and stick to that budget. If you do not, you may find yourself struggling to pay for some of those last minute items you may need.

2. Address tricky family situations right away.

Now-a-days families can be tricky. They come in all shapes and sizes and what used to be traditional wedding etiquette has totally changed. If you know ahead of time that there are bad feelings between specific family members, like divorced parents, or family members who do not feel included, address this early on and decide what will happen for your wedding. Planning and discussing this ahead of time with help keep the stress that you will feel about any impending conflicts on the week, or even on the day, of your wedding!

3. Have a good planner to help.

Choose people to help you that are not only your friends, but someone you can trust to help organize and plan. If you think it may be more difficult to work with a close friend or family member, you may want to consider using a wedding planner to help. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are also helpful for the wedding and should be prepared to help support you with planning or anything that is needed. Be sure you consider the help you may need when you are choosing your bridal party!


savephoto: Love One Another Photography
photo: Love One Another Photography

4. Find Your Dress

.Shopping for your wedding dress is such a wonderful moment in your wedding planning. Hopefully this will be the only wedding dress you will ever wear and you have probably been dreaming about what it will look like since you met the one you want to spend your life with. You want this time to be special, not rushed, and you do not want to feel judged with the type of style or dress you like. Everyone has their own opinion, and some tend to tell their opinion whether you like it or not. Sometimes bringing every single bridesmaid with you as well as your mother and mother-in-law can be a bit much and can make the process overwhelming. Perhaps think about making this a more intimate ordeal with just your mother, sibling or even the maid-of-honor.

5. Have Fun!

No matter what, you have to remember that this is your wedding and you want to have fun! Sure, there will be tricky situations here and there, perhaps a few hard decisions to make and so much to do, but keeping a great sense of humor and remembering why all this is happening will help make a stress-free wedding which everyone wants to have.


Kari’s bio (if needed): Kari is the Community, PR and Content Manager at SnapKnot, a leading wedding photography site that helps match couples with their perfect wedding photographer.


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