5 Trends That Are In For 2018, And 5 On Their Way Out

Wedding trends come and go, and they can be the perfect place to find inspiration - and discover what you should be avoiding! With analysis from 2018 so far, this is the most up-to-date guide for what's in, and what's on it's way out...

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Every year the wedding world introduces, maintains, and gets rid of certain trends; it even seems sometimes like there is a small list, with those coming in and those on their way out inscribed upon it. It is our most important saying that every wedding is unique, and that every bride and groom should choose whatever they like best for their special day. When it comes to organising your wedding, you should stick to your personal tastes, because that’s what will really make it different from the rest.

However, you only get married once, and it is a completely new world that you’ll be anxiously exploring for the perfect ingredients – and therefore it is often helpful to look for information on the current trends, as a small way of navigating new territory. If you want to be in-the-know, then take note of these changing trends…


  1. Two dresses

In recent years, it has become more popular to have one dress for the ceremony, and a different one for the reception or after-party. There are more and more wedding dress designers, and so it can become very difficult to choose just one dress. It might seem a bit superficial, and there are many who say it shouldn’t be allowed, but you could always choose one more outlandish dress, and another which is much more simple.

Photo: Patricia Semir
  1. Express yourself in the decoration

It might seem that this is nothing new, and something that’s always going to be in style. If you’re a more romantic kind of person, don’t hesitate in picking out floral wedding stationary, maybe with a touch of watercolour, delicate floral centrepieces, or any other detail. If you consider yourself to be a fashionable bride, you’ll love the shabby chic trend, for example.

Photo: Once Upon A Cake
  1. An explosion of green!

Nature can elevate the beauty of any setting, whether it is trees, plants, or flowers. As of 2018, it seems that these features have become the principal focus of many ceremonies, and many photoshoots. They also affect the choice of venue, with farms full of well-kept gardens becoming a popular destination this year, alongside halls with hanging gardens, buildings that make you feel like you’re in a makeshift greenhouse – anything to bring the outside in. Whereas last season was predicated on the idea of “less is more”, this season we’re taking a maximalist approach – use nature to make a scene!

Photo: La Casa de la Novia
  1. Colour everywhere

In the past, the inclusion of colour in a wedding has become synonymous with a lack of elegance or grace. But this is far from the truth, and if you play carefully with colour, it can look incredible. Of course, make sure you’re looking at your palettes when deciding what shades to go for, but two that have been very popular in 2018 are amarillo minion and blue klein.

Photo: Revista Icasei
  1. Mystic atmosphere

Away from more traditional religious or civil ceremonies, mysticism and more other-worldly weddings are becoming more popular, especially with regard to decorations. It might be that next season we see more natural elements in our weddings, such as agate minerals, and more magical quartz stones – the quartz can be featured in candles, glassware and even be reflected in the shape of the cake. These ideas, well implemented, are beautiful and original at the same time.

Photo: Lauren Pretorius


  1. Backlit signs

Since 2014, these XXL signs with bright LED lights have been very popular. Couples have often put their initials or certain words (think “love”) on these boards to beam out to their guests. However, these retro-vintage additions have started to hog the limelight away from the rest of the decorations, and have simply been overused by this time. Instead, try open-air lights which can hang over your guests and be out in the open air. They make for much better photos!

Photo via Shutterstock
  1. Posed or forced photos

Logically your wedding will include posed photos to make sure you get all the family in at least one frame together – with everyone looking at the camera! However, aside from this moment in the day, it is better now to have more natural shots taken, with photographers aiming to capture spontaneous moments which are often more genuine than posed shots. These photos are often much more special as well, as the bride and groom will not know what to expect when getting the final product from the photographer!

Photo: Elena Bau
  1. Photo-booths

They’re a quirky and fun addition to any event, but are starting to become more popular at proms than at weddings. You’ve spent months planning your look and outfit for a wedding – why would you want to try and squeeze yourself into a tiny room for a picture that a photographer could instead take? You can make sure everyone gets good photos without turning your reception into a carnival – if you do have a professional on site, you could arrange a photocall.

Photo via Shutterstock
  1. Cutting the cake with a sword, a garter or a necktie

No thanks! This trend hasn’t just been going out of fashion recently – it’s been on its way out for years, held back by a mere handful who still think it’s funny to do this. In fact, many people are moving away from making sure every guest has a slice of cake – many think it’s better to surprise your guests with a different gift, such as a small wedding favour, and cakes are quickly being usurped by features such as donut walls.

Photo: Kiwo
  1. Too many surprises

The obsession with originality that many couples have when planning their weddings means that there are more similarities between ceremonies now than ever. Personalised features can often be distracting, and whilst they’re usually sweet additions, sometimes, it can be best to just go for the classics!

Photo via Shutterstock

To make your wedding perfect, check out our registry of US-based wedding planners – they can help you find your way through the wedding sphere, and advise you on which trends to go for. Best of luck in making your wedding as special and memorable as it deserves to be!

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