5 Tips to Help You Stress Less When Planning Your Winter Wedding

Did your beau propose this winter? Are you planning a winter wedding for the end of the year? Don't stress, we're here to help!

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Wedding planning is a notoriously stressful undertaking. After finalizing the guest list and selecting a venue, you’ll be faced with difficult choices about food, music, clothing and hundreds of other elements. Preparing for a wedding requires a marathon effort. To stay focused and happy for the long haul, it’s essential that you minimize your stress level whenever possible.


The good news is that if you decide to have a winter wedding, you’re already dodging one of the major sources of wedding stress. Brides face much less competition for reserving venues and booking vendors when they hold their weddings during the off-season, which is typically in the winter.

To further ensure that you don’t fly off the handle in the time leading up to your wedding, follow these five tips to remain calm and collected.

saveImage: Tatiana Chekryzhova via Shutterstock
Image: Tatiana Chekryzhova via Shutterstock

Sweat it Out

Many people use the winter weather as an excuse to stay indoors and cut back on their exercise routines. We suggest heathly eating and excersise when planning turns hectic. In addition to releasing feel-good endorphins and increasing your energy level, exercise will provide a regular escape from planning concerns. Create a playlist (no wedding songs allowed) and hit the trails. If it’s too cold go outside, participating in a yoga class can offer the perfect wintertime workout. Your efforts will serve double duty by calming you down and getting you into tip-top shape for your special day.

Go Faux

Enhancing your ceremony and reception with traditional holiday décor can make your wedding feel more inviting, cozy and festive. If you are not going to purchase a real tree, there are other options to save money. An option such as Christmas Tree Market allows you to place a custom order and avoid incurring any fees from your venue (real trees make for messy cleanups and a possible fire hazard). Many trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades, so you can be choosy.

saveImage: Cherry Waves
Image: Cherry Waves

Accept that You Can’t Control the Weather

Along with good cheer, winter brings some of the most unpredictable weather patterns of the year. Leave the weather-induced worries to spring brides, who are more likely to stress about having perfectly blue skies on their wedding days. With high chances for snow, freezing rain, sleet or overcast conditions, take it all in stride and focus on the elements you can control.

Give Yourself a Break

Betty Confidential emphasizes that it’s essential to find a week, a few days or even a few hours in which you aren’t thinking about the wedding. With several major holidays taking place during the winter, consider declaring a no-wedding zone at your family’s Christmas dinner or your friend’s New Year’s Eve bash. You won’t be allowed to plan, discuss or — if you can help it — think about the wedding. Afterward, when it’s time for the planning to recommence, you’ll feel refreshed and happy.

Focus on What Matters

After a year of planning, a whirlwind weekend of entertaining and a few hours of party celebrations, you and your spouse will be starting a life together. Don’t get so bogged down in the details of the wedding that you forget to have fun and focus on your marriage, which will last far beyond the winter season.

Winter weddings create some of the most picturesque and memorable wedding atmospheres for a couple and their guests. Take care of yourself by using these tips to make your engagement as enjoyable as possible.

Do you have any other tips for to cut down on stress while planning a winter wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image via Shutterstock: bride and groom in a winter forest.

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