5 Tips To Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding? How do you find the right photographer? Here are some helpful tips to bear in mind!

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While planning a destination wedding, it often seems that there are innumerous details you have to consider. First off, what location should you choose and how do you find the perfect venue without even being in that destination? And can you be sure that all your guests will be able to afford the expenses that go into the travel?

Often times, a destination wedding can be more difficult to plan than a wedding you would have in your own hometown. But it does not have to be if you plan ahead and think logically. Today, we want to tell you about 5 tips to planning a destination wedding that are very important to remember and can help you have a smooth and stress-free wedding day.

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Image: St. Vincent and the Granadines Destination Wedding Photography

1. Choose the destination wisely.

There is truly a destination for every type of budget… you just have to do your research! It is important to know upfront how many people will be attending your wedding so you can plan your destination and venue in that city properly.

If you know your fiancé(e)’s side of the family has a hard time traveling very far, it may be best to choose a destination that is a bit closer to home. If you have always wanted to have your wedding in Paris, no problem, just be upfront with all of your guests and realize that not everyone will be able to join you for such an extravagant travel experience.

2. Plan ahead.

Planning early is not only helpful for you to be sure you can get every single detail completed by the date of your special day, but to give your guests more planning time as well. Send out your invitations early.

Remember that your guests may need to get passports together or book flights. They may need to have advanced notice so they can take off of work or save up money that they need to travel. It will also give them enough time to find a babysitter if necessary.

Planning early will also help get you and your guests a better rate on a room block at a hotel and of course flights are typically a little cheaper further out.

3. Think about your wedding photographer.

Booking any vendor is harder to do when you are planning a destination wedding, but one thing you do not want to mess up is your wedding photographer. Remember, your photos are one of the only mementos you will have from your wedding day to look back on for years to come. You want to book a photographer that you love, trust and know will capture amazing moments from your wedding day.

Finding a photographer from your own hometown that is able to travel to your destination is a great way to make sure you know their work and their reputation based on other client testimonials. It also makes it easier for you to meet with them ahead of time as well as take engagement and bridal photos if you choose to do so. Just make sure you know what the cost will be to have them travel with you to your destination.

If you are still looking for your wedding photographer, be sure to sign up for a free account on SnapKnot. We will match you to photographers that meet your location and budget needs to help you find the photographer that is best for your wedding day!

4. Don’t ignore the marriage laws.

It is very important to make sure you know what the marriage laws are in the country or destination in which you are tying the knot. Every country has its own requirements…some including blood tests, residency requirements, proof of immunizations and more.

Make sure you know about those laws ahead of time – even before you decide which destination you choose. Some of the laws may be ones you do not want to have to deal with and it is so much better to know that ahead of time!

5. Use a wedding planner.

It never hurts to hire someone who knows the area and all the various vendors you need, as well as all the specific wedding laws you will need to follow. Many times, if you are getting hitched at a resort, they will have a wedding planner that you will work with specifically. If not, you may want to look into finding one that can help make things easier for you while you are planning the wedding you have dreamed of!

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Image: Wedding France

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