5 Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer for You!

Though it often seems like an extreme expense, putting aside money for a wedding photographer is a great investment that you will enjoy for years to come. Just look at what this bride had to suffer. It just goes to show that quality is worth the price.

We spoke to professionals Cataldo & Corbi Photographers to find out what every couple should consider when hiring their wedding photographer.

Cataldo & Corbi Photographers is the joint venture of Andrea Cataldo and Anthony Corbi, two friends and two professionals who, despite having very different lives, decided to embark on this project together together “to explore love through a profession that is characterized by meticulous attention to detail.”

“We believe that wedding photographers should be discreet so that they can capture the love in an authentic way,” says Andrea and Anthony. To achieve this, there are five things that the wedding professionals believe every couple should keep in mind when choosing their wedding photographer.

1. The photographic style

Not all wedding photography was created equal. Always do your research – look through the wedding albums and blogs of the wedding photographers you’re interested in. Sometimes a collective may feature several different photographers, so make sure you are choosing the photographer whose work you like.

2. Timing is Everything

Just because the standard sequence of wedding albums starts with the bridal and groom preparation and ends with the reception doesn’t mean you have to follow this formula. If you don’t fell comfortable with the photographer snapping pictures during your most intimate moments, or don’t want them capturing you and your guests after a few drinks, say so and you can negociate for a shorter service, which will also save you money!

3. The human factor

“A good professional is the one that puts you at ease, that listens to you and understands what you expect,” says Cataldo & Corbi Photographers. That connection is key and can’t be bought, so make sure to meet with your wedding photographer before hiring them to see if you can comunicate clearly and if you agree and how to go about photographing your big day.

4. The contract

“As with any professional service provider, once you and your wedding photographer have agreed on terms and price, you should sign a contract,” says Cataldo & Corbi Photographers. “If the photographer doesn’t want to, be weary of why.”

5. Be firm

“Often photographers can take forever to deliver photos, so if you want them immediately, be sure to insert a clause for a delivery date in the contract,” says Cataldo & Corbi Photographers. It’s not rude, as long as you work out a reasonable time period, assures the professional wedding photographers.

Cataldo & Corbi Photographer hope that these tips will help future couples find their perfect wedding photographer for their big day.

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