5 Tips For Finding Find The Right Hair and Make Up Style For You

Take a look at all the possible options that you can choose from, so that you find the best hairstyle to suit you, do not miss these 6 tips that will help you in the election.

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As soon as a bride gets engaged, she cannot help but think straight away about the dress she has been dreaming of wearing since she was a teenager. She will enthusiastically embark on the search for her dress, along with her closest friends and family. But what about hair and make-up? These are the best aspects of getting ready in the morning of the wedding, and they complete the overall wedding look. So make sure you know which style you are going for. It’s advisable not to make a last minute decision, but instead to check out all the trendsetting bridal hairstyles for the year. Here’s 5 tips to help you decide on these key components for your special day.

1. Think about the style of your event

It may be obvious, but different make-up and hair styles do  suit different styles, types and themes of wedding. The bride’s make-up is a representation of her style and personality, which is also represented throughout the type of event she plans, so the two go hand in hand. It is therefore essential to plan the majority of your wedding theme and style before opting for a particular hair and make-up look.

Photo: José Villa

If your wedding is celebrated during the day, your style will be different from that of a wedding at night. Your features can be defined with less intensity: make-up is usually lighter, composed of softer nude tones. As for the hairstyle, you can choose from several options, but for daytime weddings outside or on the beach, a loose or wavy style looks best.

An evening wedding calls for a glamorous hair do. From multiple braids to pigtails. Then, intensify your make-up tones with smoky eyes or bright lipstick for a show-stopping look. Vanessa Kuzer, from Bridal Makeup Studio has a wealth of experience in make up artistry. Specializing in bridal make-up, she creates artwork that suits the style of the bride as well as the type of event.

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Photo: Angela Michelle Make Up Artist

2. Co-ordinate with your dress

Due to the sheer variety of wedding dresses available and constantly evolving bridal trends, hair and make-up styles vary a lot.

Think about the balance of your look, in what part do you want to stand out the most? For example, if your dress is very striking in its shape, fabric or design, then it is preferable to opt for a simple hairstyle, like a bun, and soft make-up with a touch of added color to the lips. If, on the other hand, you prefer a simple and comfortable dress, you can risk something more dramatic such as a semi-pulled, loose hairstyle with waves or disheveled braid. In this case, for make-up, choose earthy intense colors to draw attention to your gorgeous features.

Photo: Page Beauty

3. Know all the types of hairstyles before choosing

Hair is a fundamental part of our appearance. We can dress our hair however we like, following trends or finding styles that make us feel most comfortable and confident.

  • Hair down: a classic style with a lot of potential – curly, wavy or straight. It is perfect for boho themed weddings, or if you feel most confident with your luscious locks cascading down your shoulders.
  • Buns and bows: these are the bridal favorite. Being both elegant and perfect for sculpting the face. If you are thinking of wearing a wedding dress with a sweetheart or sleeveless neckline, then this is the hairstyle you need – also perfect for backless gowns!
  • Half up half down/braided: this is where you can get creative. Braid some of your hair, have it plaited, have some of it tied neatly up – whatever suits your style. You can add lots of adornments such as flowers, clips or slides to a hair do like this.
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4. Choose the right make up for your face shape

The right make-up for your big day will depend, of course, on finding a look to suit YOU. Make Up Artist, Angela Michelle gave us her piece of advice: “you should feel and look your best on your wedding day but still look like yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Its a long day, so you shouldn’t be worried about your hair or makeup. I always say my favorite look and what I am best known for is looking Natural but gorgeous in photos. You want to accentuate and play up the eyes and lips, but don’t overdo it. The hair should frame the face in a flattering way, but never look messy.

Photo: José Villa

So get to know what make-up suits each shape and complexion.

  • If your face has an oval shape, you’re in luck. The oval face suits any make-up. You can dare with different trends. Highlight your natural beauty, illuminate the cheekbones and the nose area, forehead and chin, then darken the cheekbones with blusher. For lips you can choose any tone.
  • If your face is triangular, with a broad forehead and refined jawline, you should soften those marked features and play with shadows and luminosity equally. Apply darker makeup on the widest part and use highlighter for the rest. When applying the blusher, do it with ascending strokes since this will help soften the face.
  • If your face is square, it will be characterised by a wide jaw and forehead. The goal is to sharpen the face and soften the most pronounced areas. The eyes should be marked with illuminator and you can apply more intense matifying powders in the areas to be highlighted. Don’t forget the blusher.
  • If you have a long face, you’ll have an elongated shape with a sharp chin. You can add visual width to your face by contouring. Blusher will be better if applied horizontally. Highlight the make-up of your eyes and lips as they will lighten the length of your face.

We spoke to Elodie, from Doigt de Fée, based in South France. Elodie is a professional hairdresser and makeup artist. She offers home service and has over 15 years experience in her field. She puts importance on taking care of your skin, and tries to match your skin with the perfect tones to suit your bridal look! The ideal option to give a french professional touch to your look.

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Photo: Doigt de Fée

5. Top tip: prepare in advance

Take into account your height, your features, your type of hair … Everything matters on such an important day, so don’t leave room for improvisation.

It’s just like going to the hairdressers for a change of look and bringing a picture of what you would like to get – the same thing happens when you get your bridal hairstyle tested out. Invest all the time you think is necessary to get inspired with ideas. In addition to all the many blogs and publications specializing in bridal fashion, there is infinite hair and beauty information online, so use the internet as your resource!

As with the hair, being pre-prepared with the make-up is also essential. You could even get hydration and exfoliation treatments to make your skin feel as radiant as you do on your special day.

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