5 tips for creating your perfect wedding registry

Looking to set up your gift list? Here are 5 tips on how to ensure your online wedding gift registry is perfect from start to finish!

  • Planning the wedding

While the groom tends not to be too bothered about some wedding details, like flowers or bridesmaids colour schemes, we at Zankyou have found that the gift registry is not only something that couples deal with together, but that, often enough, the groom takes charge.

It’s an interesting one – could it be the money, could it be the gifts, could it just be the online element? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Thanks to brides and grooms over the years, we’ve learned so much about how to create wedding gift registry that we think we’ve got it covered. That’s why we’re bringing you our 5 tips for creating the perfect wedding gift registry!

  • What you want is not necessarily what you’ll get

So your Aunt Gertrude knows you’re collecting for your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, but she doesn’t want to give you cash for the trip. She’d rather give you something you can keep. Fair enough Aunt Gertrude. Solution: you create an online wedding gift registry that turns gifts into cash. You can put stages of your honeymoon, some household items – basically, different gifts to suit your different guests. Once the funds are in your bank account, you can spend it when you’re ready.

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You can personalise your site to your heart's delight, with all kinds of messages, designs and gifts!
  • The details

Making a gift registry is useful for you and your guests, but if you create an online gift registry you can actually personalise it to match your wedding, your colour scheme and even your vibe! Add nice photos to illustrate your gifts or add your own descriptions of all the gifts, telling your guests why you’d like to receive each present and it will make thing a little more personalised and therefore more pleasant.

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Adapt your design to your honeymoon, showing the location of your gifts on a map!
  • Whether it costs $10 or $10,000, it can go on there!

With a personalisable registry, you can create gifts that will suit the range of budgets that your guests have. While not all your guests will want to pay for a night in a 5-star hotel, pre-dinner drinks, which cost a little less, is a lovely gesture. We also advise you to add gifts that can be paid for by the unit (e.g. 6 champagne flutes at $10 per flute or a 5-day stay in a log cabin at $50 per day), so that your guests can contribute to your experiences without feeling obliged to pay for the whole thing. You can also add gifts without prices, so your guests can just contribute what they want, taking the sometimes awkward issue of money off the agenda and leaving it for your guests to decide individually how much they want to give.

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You can add anything you like to your Zankyou wedding list!
  • Make things accessible

While many people have access to the Internet and are comfortable using websites for making payments, you must also make sure that the guests that don’t want to contribute online have access to your list. At Zankyou, we provide telephone assistance so guests can call up and give a gift over the phone. So don’t forget to share the customer service helpline number as well as the URL to your site!

  • Don’t speak to soon, or too late either

If you tell your guests about your gift registry too soon, they’ll forget about it. And if you tell them too late, you’ll cause some unwanted stress. So, the best thing is to send the details of your registry around the same time you send your invitations. That way, once it comes to planning everything – the trip, the time, the outfit – your guests will also remember the gift registry. And remember, this also avoids them phoning you or your parents 10 days before the big day to ask about gifts!

So, with these five key points, it’s now time for you to visit Zankyou.com/us and set up your wedding website and online gift list in just a few clicks. Let us know how it goes!

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