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5 Things Wedding Guests Shouldn't Say to a Bride on her Wedding Day

Just remember this isn't your time to speak your mind!

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Alright, let’s all agree that the bride generally gets a free pass on her wedding day. There are some things that should just be left unsaid. Here’s our guide to the 5 things that generally shouldn’t be mentioned to a bride on her wedding day.

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1. NEVER tell the bride she has not chosen her look well. Whether its her dress or her make-up or her hairstyle or her bouquet, this is not the time or place to be telling her. It has probably taken her months to find that dress, pick that hairstyle, that bouquet, that make-up, and she liked it enough to choose it for her big day – not everyone has the same tastes. It’s what makes this world so diverse! So keep you opinions to yourself if you don’t quite like the bride’s look.

2. Don’t complain about the food or the setting. You may prefer an indoor wedding, but this isn’t your wedding, so be a gracious guest and don’t take the opportunity to tell the bride you’re minor complaints. If it’s something more serious, like a food allergy, alert the wedding planner, or one of the catering staff, and they’ll be sure to take care of you.

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3. Don’t complain about the guest list just because there are people there you don’t like. You may have beef with them for whatever reason, but if they are at the ceremony it is because they are important for the couple. So put your grievances aside for one day and be happy for your friends on their big day.

4. Avoid making comparative comments like “the cocktail was perfect at Sam and John’s wedding” or “they also served fish at Kristy’s wedding but it was much better.” It seems obvious, and whether or not its a positive or negative comparison, it’s not polite. The couple worked hard to create a unique experience and they don’t want anything more than for you to sit back and enjoy it.

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Foto: Camera Mirage

5. Don’t ask questions that might require long-winded answers. The couple have to make the rounds and say hello to and thank everybody that’s made it to their wedding. Be considerate of their time and wish them well, but save the pressing questions for later.

In short, if we were to do a manual for the perfect wedding guest it could best be summarized in a few words: try to be kind, respectful, and enjoy the evening. Just have fun with them and make every moment a great memory!

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