5 Reasons why the Paradores Hotel Line are the Perfect Venues for Spanish Destination Weddings

Book a wedding at any one of the Paradoes locations throughout Spain and you can expect the very best.

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Good weather? Check. Beautiful scenery? Check. Amazing food? Check. Historical castle venues? Check. This is just the short list of what couples experience when they book their wedding with Paradores, a hotel brand with multiple destination throughout Spain.

1. A Dream Venue

saveParador de Oropesa à Tolède
Parador de Oropesa à Tolède

Who doesn´t dream of celebrating one of the biggest moments of their lives in a castle? Why not treat yourself to the Parador de Oropesa in Toledo, Spain? The venue is an impressive area consisting of a medieval castle and large gardens, surrounded by mountains and trees. The views of the Sierra de Gredos is stunning and makes for the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Toledo is a convenient 1h30 drive from Madrid.

2. Flamenco


What would a wedding in Spain be without flamenco? If you decided to celebrate your big day in this beautiful country, treat yourself and your guests to a flamenco show. Let the rhythm of the guitar and the passion of the dancers carry you away at the http://www.parador.es/en, situated at the heart of Andalusia. 

3. An Assortment of Tapas


Tired of sitting meals or buffets? Wager on tapas. This Spanish tradition of sharing will not only allow your guests to taste food they do not usually have on their plate, but you can also multiply the quantities and so to please everyone! Travel to Parador de Tortosa à Tarragona, where tapas is an art form.

4. Paella for the whole family


Or, if you want to keep things simple, choose family favorite: paella! On the outdoor patio of the Parador de Aiguablava, Girona, with great views of the countryside and the sea, you and your guests will feast on the freshest seafood paella.

5. Spanish fans as wedding favors


If you´ve chosen a place such as the Parador de Almagro in Ciudad Real in La Mancha, better provide for a truly useful gift for your guests: a fan. Help them fashionably wave off the heat with beautiful, traditional decorative fans that they´ll keep long after.


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