5 reasons to choose an online wedding registry

One of the things you must consider in the run up to your wedding is your gift registry. Gift giving forms a part of the wedding tradition and it’s therefore something you should give some thought to. We think creating an online registry is the best option, it’s easy for your guests and super useful. Also, with a Zankyou registry you’re free to use the money you receive with complete freedom, what more could you want!

1. Convenience

Making an online gift registry allows your guests to send you gifts without leaving the comfort of their own home! They can make contributions towards your regsitry on the internet or over the phone, making it quick and easy. Also, if you have any guests coming from overseas then this is perfect! No one wants to have to carry wedding presents with them while travelling, so an online registry is ideal.

Alicia Nacenta Photography
Foto: Alicia Nacenta Photography

2. Practicality

In today’s world, couples tend to marry in later life when they after already having established a home together. Traditional gift registries are becoming a thing of the past as no one really wants 3 toasters, 2 food blenders and some expensive silverware that, let’s face it, you’ll never use! With online registries like Zankyou, you receive the money to your bank account instead of physical gifts. This way you can purchase items you actually want, or you can even use it towards your dream honeymoon!

3. Tastefulness

Having people give you cash in an envelope, or sending your guests your bank account details aren’t really the most classy of options. In fact, in many countries it would be completely unthinkable! So, if it’s money that you want, it’s much more tasteful to ask through an online registry. Your guests can access and send you virtual gifts, and you will always be informed of who has given you a gift so that you can thank them.

Sergio Gallegos
Foto: Sergio Gallegos

4. Benefits

As we mentioned before, if you have international guests attending your wedding, being able to access your online gift registry is extremely practical. They’ll be able to access the site in various languages, and if they prefer to call they can speak to a representative from their country. Another important advantage to highlight is that you’ll be able to receive the funds to your standard bank account, and there is no need to open a specific account. You’ll have complete freedom to spend the money whenever and however you wish. Your guests will love using your personalized Zankyou site because as well as being practical, they’re also super pretty!

5. Honeymoon

If what you’re looking for is a helping hand to save for your dream honeymoon, then an online registry is perfect for you! With an online registry, you can allow your guests to contribute towards your romantic getaway. If you like, you can even divide the trip into different stages (flights, hotel, dinner, experiences etc), this way your guests know just what they’ll be contributing towards. The different stages will appear on a map so that your guests can see all of the details of your journey.

Padilla & Rigau
Foto: Padilla & Rigau

Zankyou aims to modernize the world of weddings! There are many couples who have already created their online wedding gift registry with Zankyou, and they liked it so much that they’ve recommended it to all of their family and friends! So what are you waiting for? Create your wedding registry with Zankyou today or contact us if you would like some more information. We’re waiting to help you!

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