5 Reasons Hotels Make Perfect Wedding Venues

Guest blogger Kacey Bradley returns to tell us all about why you shouldn't discard a hotel as the perfect venue for your wedding day - discover why today!

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Perhaps the biggest step in wedding planning is selecting your venue. No matter where you land, your chosen site will set the scene for both your nuptials and your reception — you should take plenty of time to ensure the one you reserve goes with the wedding vibe you have in mind.

Although you have plenty of options when it comes to venues for your big day, don’t rule a hotel wedding out of the mix. Here are five reasons to choose this classic type of location.

  1. There’s a Built-In Place to Stay
  2. You Can Have It All in One Place
  3. Budgeting Is Simple
  4. You’ll Have a Wedding Planner on Your Side
  5. You Can Have That Destination Wedding of Your Dreams
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1. There’s a Built-In Place to Stay

One of the easiest ways to make your out-of-town wedding guests feel welcome is to provide them with suggestions for places to stay. That way, they have no trouble planning their trip to witness your nuptials.

Holding your wedding in a hotel makes that task even more straightforward. There’s no need to suggest multiple lodging options, nor do your guests have to worry about transportation to and from the big event. Instead, they can walk downstairs to the spot where you’ll get married and retreat to their rooms when it’s over. Voila!

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2. You Can Have It All in One Place

A hotel isn’t just the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception. You can choose to let your venue serve as the backdrop for all of your wedding events, and they’re sure to have a space readily available for you to rent out.

Think about it: You could choose a hotel with a nice restaurant so that you can have your rehearsal and the proceeding dinner on-site. Before the ceremony, the bride and her maids can relax with tea and breakfast as they get ready. Afterward, the hotel can cater a brunch for everyone who has stayed at the hotel.

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In any other case, you’d have to scout and book venues for each one of these events. A hotel reduces your pre-wedding workload, which will help tremendously as things get busier and busier.

3. Budgeting Is Simple

Another plus to having your wedding in a hotel is that you can easily budget for your big day. Of course, the first step in any hotel wedding-planning process should be determining how much you can spend. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find that it’s easy to match your needs with the perfect hotel.

If it initially seems as though a fancy hotel won’t fit your budget, don’t give up without inquiring about events. Many hotels will have multiple different reception rooms and venues to suit parties of different sizes. Perhaps you’ll find that you can downsize so that you stay true to your budgetary constraints.

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Also, keep in mind that many hotel wedding packages include everything else you’d have to pay for elsewhere. On-site staff will take care of setting up and taking down the party, preparing and serving food and more. You might be surprised at what your wedding package includes and how much it helps your budget.

4. You’ll Have a Wedding Planner on Your Side

If you choose a hotel as your wedding venue, there’s a good chance that the property has hosted plenty of similar events in the past. As such, there won’t just be a wedding planner on-site — they’re likely to have an entire team dedicated to putting weddings together and ensuring the day goes smoothly.

Credits: José Villa

A wedding planner will keep your budget in mind at all times, and they’ll make sure that decisions made in your absence fit with the theme and look you’ve envisioned. In other words, you can take a deep breath once you have a wedding planner on board, as you’ll know you have someone in your corner as you put your big day together.

5. You Can Have That Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Finally, the right resort will make it easy for you to put together that destination wedding you’ve always imagined. It can seem difficult to put together a ceremony and reception in a far-flung locale, but hotels in the area will have plenty of experience in doing so. And once again, you’ll have a built-in place for everyone to stay, relax and easily transfer to and from the wedding — it will be on-site, after all.

Credits: Marco Annunziata

As a rule of thumb, you should always visit your chosen hotel before agreeing to hold your wedding there. But once you’ve seen the place, met the staff and described what you want out of your big day, you shouldn’t have to worry. They’ll connect with local vendors and put it all together so that when you land for your nuptials, the hotel is ready to go.

Today, you can hold your wedding at just about any location, but don’t rule out the tried-and-true hotel nuptials. You just might find that the gorgeous reception rooms, helpful staff and convenient lodging make it all worth it for you and your guests. Now, it’s time to plan a wedding!

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