The 5 Best Wedding Photographers for Your Destination Wedding in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

If you're getting married in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, then don't miss the Top 5 Wedding Photographers we have listed for you!

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Marriage is a special moment and the joys and emotions experienced by the bride and groom and their families deserve to be recorded by a sensitive professional, who is able to take sharp, high-quality photographs that will last a lifetime! Thinking about those Destination Wedding brides getting married in Brazil, we have prepared a selection with 5 Wedding photographers from Belo Horizonte who are true magicians in eternalizing emotions and feelings with style and personality!

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Photo: Jivago Sales

Alexandre + Cristina Lima

Alexandre + Cristina Lima are a photography duo who put their heart and soul into portraying the love between the couples. Recognized and awarded internationally, this mother and son team stand out because of their sweet and sensitive style of photography, and their ability to capture the soul and feelings of the happy couple and their guests – immortalizing these moments through beautiful and timeless images!

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Foto: Alexandre + Cristina LimaLearn more about “Alexandre + Cristina Lima”
Photo: Alexandre + Cristina Lima

Daniel Henrique Fotografia

One of the most popular photographers among brides marrying in Minas Gerais, Daniel Henrique has an artistic flair for capturing the key moments and creating fun and surprising photos. Daniel provides a personalized job for each couple and achieves this by talking to them and trying to understand their point of view and their desires. The result? Photos that perfectly reflect the personality and style of the couple!

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Foto: Daniel Henrique FotografiaLearn more about “Daniel Henrique Fotografia”
Photo: Daniel Henrique Fotografia

Jivago Sales Fotografia

As a Professor of Art History and specialist in photography, Jivago Sales is capable of turning your wedding day into a beautiful work of art. His photos capture all the energy present during the wedding – the joy of the bride and groom, tears, trembling hands and sincere smiles, all resulting in a collection of really passionate images!

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Foto: Jivago Sales FotografiaLearn more about “Jivago Sales Fotografia”
Photo: Jivago Sales Fotografia

Lutterbach Fotografia Autoral

Fernando Lutterbach and Carol Godoi are a couple who have one passion in common: photography! Creative and in-tune, they use natural light as a strong ally in their work, which is defined by the subtlety and poetry of their images. They enjoy participating in the love story of the couple, and their artistic journey together is told through the passion in their photographs!

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Foto: Lutterbach Fotografia AutoralLearn more about “Lutterbach Fotografia Autoral”
Photo: Lutterbach Fotografia Autoral

Vinícius Matos

Both in Brazil and abroad, Vinícius Matos is renowned for his great talent, boldness and creativity. He considers photography to be the purest art form, proving himself as a great lover of his profession. He believes in the love, the family, the beauty of each gesture and can transmit emotion into your photos with the click of a button.

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viníciusLearn more about “Vinícius Matos”
Photo: Vinícius Matos

Good luck choosing your favorite from all these talented photo artists! Make sure to check out our Destination Wedding articles to draw inspiration for your big day.

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