5 Important Engagement Photo Tips

Here´s some great tips on how to look natural and lovely in your engagement photos! Tip: no duck faces.

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You are engaged to the one you love with all your heart and have been planning your wedding for a few months now and things are starting to come together. Now it is time to meet with your wedding photographer and take your engagement photos. Here are some great engagement photos tips that you should think about before starting to plan your session.

Do your research to find YOUR best photographer.

You are going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer, from your engagement photos, to bridal portraits and finally the wedding day, so you want to make sure you choose someone that you feel comfortable with. Make sure you like their personality and love the work that they do. SnapKnot is a great place to begin your search for your perfect photographer – we help you find yours by matching you with photographers based on your location and budget.

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Credits: Kristinm Griffin Photography

Have a couple of great pose ideas ready.

Throughout the session, you will be taking tons of photos. You want to be sure that you have a few pose ideas that you really like, and possibly ones that you and your soon-to-be feel comfortable doing together.

Here are a few pose ideas we love:

  • Leaning in for an (almost) kiss. – There is nothing more romantic than leaning in for a kiss… but sometimes kissing during the photo could be a little awkard, so instead, just look at each other and the photographer can snap the photo when you are just starting to lean in for the smooch.
  • Her head on his shoulder – So romantic. The head on the shoulder pose is such a great pose that you can really do any way, plus it gets the two of you super close together. Maybe you want to lay your head on his shoulder while you stand behind him, or maybe you prefer to do it from the side… whatever you choose will be wonderful!
  • Holding hands – You can do so many things while you are holding hands. You can hold hands while you walk along a gorgeous pathway through the trees, or along the sandy beach. The sky is the limit.
  • Lying with your heads together – This one is unique and one of our most favorites! Picture this… you are lying in a beautiful grassy, green field, on a blanket. Your feet are facing away from each other and your heads are side by side, and you are gazing at each other. So fun and romantic!

Here are a few more engagement pose ideas you have to check out.

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Credits: BDFK Photography

Choose the right colors.

You want to wear colors that look great, but that also will look good on your partner. You also want to make sure the patterns you choose are not too much of an eye sore for the photo.

First, you need to pick a color palette. Figure out what 2-3 colors you want to wear in the photos and then work both of your outfits around that color palette. Do you want to wear jeans and be casual or be more dressy? Once you decide that, then you need to figure out what colors you want to stick with.

So, now you wonder, what colors work best? You can choose either light or dark tones, whatever colors you like best and which compliment you the best. Here are a few color palettes we think would be great options for your photos:

  • Grey and various shades of pink
  • Blue and yellow
  • Tan, light blue and brown
  • Dark blue and dark green
  • Dark green, navy and burgundy
  • Tan, light olive green and denim
  • Black, grey and white (or try any other color in place of grey… think red, pink, blue?)
  • Dark purple, light purple and denim
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Credits: Holly D Photography

Keep in mind the season and clothing that flatters you.

Are you having your engagement session in the winter? Some layered clothing looks great like a jacket or fun scarf (that will also keep you warm)! Or, are your photos being taken in the spring or summertime? If so, it may not be the best option if you want to wear your favorite boots. Also, try to plan ahead. If you are pretty sure there may be rain, try to plan ahead with outfits that will work with it.

For whatever outfit you have chosen, solid prints are great but patterns work nice too. It is a good rule of thumb that if one of you are wearing a pattern, the other person should wear a solid color that compliments that pattern. And layers are always great!

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Credits: The Spragues

Don’t be afraid to use props!

Props can add a little of spice to your engagement photos. Does one of you play the guitar in a band, or do you love to go out on your boat? Maybe you both love books and or have a dog that you would hate to leave out of your photos.

The prop doesn’t even have to be anything sentimental if you do not want it to be. Bring a few balloons that compliment the colors you are wearing, or make a sign that says your wedding date or “I love you” on it. Maybe she can just be holding onto some flowers to give that little bit of spice. As far as what props to use… it really is whatever you choose!

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Credits: Alexandra Pallas Photography

Whether you plan to use your engagement photos for your save-the-dates or you want a great photo of the two of you framed to go in your living room, you want to get the best engagement photos you can. Engagement photos are a great way to express yourself together, what you love to do and how happy you are that you will very soon be saying “I do.” If you follow these tips while planning out your engagement session, and you let your wedding photographer know what it is you are trying to accomplish during with your photos, you are on the path to getting some amazing photos.

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