5 Different Ways to Use Tulle at your Wedding

Do you love tulle? So do we! Here are some fantastic ways you can include the wondrous fabric at your wedding!

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Tulle. The ubiquitous bridal fabric. It seems no wedding can be complete without it, but what if you’re a bride who doesn’t want a tulle dress, but wants tulle at your wedding? Well, we’ve got five clever decor ideas that’ll have many of you running to the fabric store.

1. Chair Decor Paired with Flowers


A surprisingly sturdy fabric, tulle can be a lovely chair decor that can mark our the couple’s chairs at the banquet table. Tie some flowers to it and you’ve got a gorgeous chair decor!

Photo: Marcie Meredith Photography

2. Table Covers

We admit, we’ve never seen this before and we think it’s brilliant! This adds a a touch of whimsy and elegance to your table cloth – and if your wedding is outdoors, the effect of dappled light and a breeze on tulle is spectacular!

Photos: Simply Bloom Photography, Bryce Covey Photography
Photo: Steve Steindhart

3. Centerpieces

If you want to decorate your table centerpieces in a fun and original way, replace natural flowers with tulle pompoms. Combined with a mason jar and you have a whimsical rustic look (as seen in the photo)!

Foto: Uptown Abby Etsy Shop

4. Unique Altar

How magical is this tulle and string lights altar? This image just exudes romance to us. Tulle is such a beautiful fabric that whether you bunch it (like at the bottom of this altar), or have it as a single layer like as a table cloth, it captures light beautifully – no wonder it’s a wedding staple.

Photo: Etsy


5. Combined with Lighting

Continuing on the altar theme, string lights and tulle really go well together. Take a look at this marquee with a transparent roof, which is nice enough on its own, but then to add to the atmosphere lights and tulle are strung up making the venue that much more romantic. In reality, it’s really just two things: string lights and yards and yards of tulle. Meaning, you really don’t have to go over the top to achieve a romantic look!

Photo: Kristen Weaver
Photo: Kristen Weaver

We hope this post helped inspire some decor ideas for you brides out there planning your wedding – remember that tulle is also an all season fabric! It breathes well, but can also insulate. Truly, in our opinion, you can never have too much tulle.

Photos: Marcie  Meredith Photography, Simply Bloom Photography, Bryce Covey Photography, Steve Steindhart, Etsy, Vic Bonvicini, Kristen Weaver, Ellie Saab.

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