Romantic, Magical And Unique Altars For Your Wedding Ceremony

Romantic, Magical And Unique Altars For Your Wedding Ceremony

More and more couples are opting for a more natural setting for their wedding ceremony. Find out which veunes excel in this area and how you can decorate your altar in this way!

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If there is something really fascinating about weddings, it is the ritual and tradition of a religious ceremony. They allow us to witness undoubted romance, and traditions that give us goose bumps. While people may believe that religious ceremonies are strictly gold, silver and restrictively traditional, many 21st century religious ceremonies are bucking that trend, as they opt for more contemporary decor designs. Trends in decor are leaning towards natural landscapes, so much so that outdoor venues have become more and more popular. So, before you begin thinking about the decor, it is a good idea to think about which kinds of venues can complement your unique celebration.

Hacienda Del Bosque

A truly authentic venue can be found at one of the points of entry from the Pacific to the city of Cali with Hacienda Del Bosque. It’s historic air as well as its contemporary taste amalgamates nature and modernity. Its nature among robust trees and gardens creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic and magical wedding ceremony perfect for all types of ceremonies. There they also offer a first-class gastronomic experience, as well as two uniquely designed dining rooms.

Hacienda Del Bosque

Moving onto the decor, it’s important to make the most of the warmer months and the magical touch that fall brings us. For this it’s best to take your time and really think about the decor for your chosen venue, particularly your altar. This main focal point of your wedding can be made to look really spectacular, something that can take your breath away as you walk down the aisle.

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Lucky Photography
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La Dolce Vita Studio
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KT Merry Photography

To help us decide which altars we think are the best for a religious ceremony, we’ve taken into account various inspirations and themes. For example, casual weddings with a fun element can really exploit a young feel and bold colors. You can create this look with a multicolored backdrop; you can also accompany these original details with antique furniture to match your style. On the other hand, paper and DIY decor can be taken to another extreme with large three dimensional flowers.

saveBeautiful altars for a religious ceremony - Kristyn Hogan
Kristyn Hogan
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Jeremy Lawson Photography

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Vintage futniture can be an integral part in making your altar look really special. There are many ways in which to use furniture to achieve this; for example you could choose two white doors, that will contrast perfectly against the green grassy landscape, and place your initials on them. If you’re looking for something out of this world, then you could decorate your altar with a structure resembling a castle. This would look fenomenal!

If you want to create a scene where movement and fluidity play witness to your union, then include textiles in the decor of your altar. You could design a backdrop where fabrics in neutral tones adorn the romanticism and the hidden magic of this beautiful ritual. To these fabrics you could add a touch of color in the form of floral arrangements, always trying to keep in harmony with your chosen color scheme. Or give your altar a Mexican feel with DIY  perforated paper cut outs.

saveBeautiful altars for a religious ceremony - Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose

Finally, branches and dried flowers can also add a fantastic dimension to your altar. Choose flowers that complement your look, or the style of your bouquet. The most important thing is that you combine the structure or look of your altar with its natural landscape or location to complement it perfectly.

We adore these altars, and believe that a special moment in time deserves a special look that you will remember forever.

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