4 Ways To Have A Gorgeous Classic Wedding

Who doesn´t love a beautiful and timeless classic wedding? The wedding photography that you get from your classic wedding are images that will never go out of style. If a classic wedding is what you have been dreaming about, here are four important details that you should consider to help you plan the classic wedding you´ve been dreaming of. And if you are just starting out in your wedding planning process, be sure to download our wedding planning checklist to help you out.

Pick An Amazing Venue

There are so many awesome wedding venues out there, but there only one that truly says classic and timeless: an elegant turn of the century ballroom. For example, The Plaza Hotel ballroom is as beautiful and classic as it was fifty years ago! Finding a ballroom or venue that is timeless is the perfect way to help you have a classic wedding – then, once you have your classic venue chosen, you can build the wedding decor to match the look and feel at the venue.

Not sure you believe us? This gorgeous photo below may help… it is from a beautiful wedding at the Historic Biltmore Resort.

Image: Julius Photography
Image: Julius Photography

A Classic Wedding Gown and Tuxedo

A beautiful white, traditional bridal gown is stunning and perfect for a classic wedding. There are so many different types of classic wedding gowns out there, so just be sure to choose a style that is the right one for you. Are you choosing a venue like the amazing Plaza Hotel ballroom that we mentioned above? A very elegant gown would be the perfect choice. And of course, what is more classic than your soon-to-be husband dressed in a handsome black tuxedo?

Timeless Whites

White is always a color that will be timeless and classic and so beautiful at any wedding. White looks elegant and there is so much you can do with it. From table and isle runners to flowers and chandeliers, white will never go out of style.

Image: Gina Meola
Image: Gina Meola

A Classic Car

Once you have your classic venue, wedding gown and other decor picked out, it is time to think about those little details that add to the classic and timeless theme even more. Driving away in a classic car is such a perfect way to make a traditional wedding exit that will be absolutely stunning in your wedding photography!

Image: Carrie Krupke Photography
Image: Carrie Krupke Photography

If you are planning your very own classic wedding, or looking for ideas if you want to plan in the future, we hope these have helped to inspire you. Be sure you also check out a few beautiful, classic weddings we have featured on SnapKnot like this classic episcopal wedding or this classic wedding in Miami.

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