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4 Tips to Stop Stage Fright Getting You Down on Your Big Day

Pressure and tension can often get you down on your wedding day. Don't let it! Follow our expert advice and relax on the greatest day of your life!

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Although life is full of wonderful moments, of which one is your wedding day, life also has a tendency to not go according to plan. Rosario Linares*, psychologist from El Prado Psicólogos has put together a few bits of advice to help you stay calm and feel prepared in the run up to your wedding, and on the day itself.

savePhoto via Shutterstock - Andrey Nastasenko
Photo via Shutterstock – Andrey Nastasenko


In order to face some of life’s everyday problems, we need to be able to leave negativity to one side and look for some positive things. One of the easiest ways to do this to appreciate what is around you and to have a bank of positive images in your head that you can picture when things begin to get tough, or when you start to feel a wave of impatience or stress about to hit. Rosario also emphasises how important it is to get rid of any obsessive thoughts about your wedding day not going as planned or about things going wrong; it is all about a positive mind set.

The strategy of having a few positive images in your head is a tried and tested method that has been studied by professionals at Stanford University. They tried this method with children who had fears of certain things and found that asking the children to picture their positive images was an effective means of combatting fear.

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Photo: Sergio Gisbert

The important thing is to have fun

In some cases, the biggest fear you can have is fear itself. Your negative self is your worst enemy when it comes to this, making you imagine all sorts of unlikely and highly negative scenarios, which feed your anxiety. It may sound simple, but one of the best ways to combat this fear is to simply let your hair down and have fun for a bit, just to help relieve the tension. Stop thinking about what might go wrong and start thinking about all the things you have put in place to make sure everything goes to plan! Professionals recommend using phrases such as ‘what will be, will be, it will be a brilliant day and I’m going to enjoy it regardless!’ In doing this, you are taking into account the possibility that things may not go exactly according to plan, but you are also learning to accept this too.

saveFede Grau
Foto: Fede Grau

A bit of stress is actually a good thing

There are a number of artists and performers out there who will openly admit that being a little bit nervous or stressed before a concert helps to make them give a better performance than if they were completely relaxed. A wedding day is totally unique and every bride and groom will feel the nerves at some point but this is probably a good thing, provided that it is a positive sense of nervousness, which will provide you with an extra bit of adrenaline and energy for your big day!

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Photo: David Morales

 Visualize the ceremony

One of the best weapons for combatting any sense of fear and stress is visualization and familiarity. Make sure you visit the place where you are going to be holding the ceremony so that you can familiarize yourself with the venue and so that you can begin to imagine how everything will play out. By doing this, when it all happens for real, it will feel less new and scary and instead you will feel like you’ve sort of been there before, which will help to calm you down.

savePhoto via Shutterstock - India Picture
Photo via Shutterstock – India Picture

We hope these four tips will help you to enjoy your wedding day to the full and to be able to worry a bit less in the lead up to your special day! These tips will be particularly helpful if you’re someone who struggles with public speaking or appearances which of course will be involved in your wedding day at some point!

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Rosario’s advice was translated from Spanish*

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