4 Historic Locations for your Exquisite Destination Wedding in Bogota

We present you with 4 of the most extraordinary wedding locations in Bogota!

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Do you want a wedding that goes beyond the conventional? Do you want it to surprise your guests and be remembered for its setting, decoration and infrastructure, but you still don’t know where to go? At Zankyou we will provide you with some ideas. They involve historic venues that completely challenge all conventions. Thus, here is a selection of Bogotá’s most unique spots to tie the knot, not only for their history and their architecture, but because from the outset your guests will fall in love with these enchanted places which, behind their walls, house stories of past lives, tales of ancient times and memories of a city that has evolved but which still conceals magic within its walls.

Museo de El Chicó


The combination of its colonial style and the nature that surrounds it, while being in the middle of Bogata’s urban area, is what you can find at the Museo de El Chicó, declared an asset of cultural interest in 1992. Its 18th Century architecture with Republican touches will allow you to forge a unique environment on your wedding day.

This, along with its vast green spaces, gardens which form beautiful landscapes, its fountains and the large number of trees, will allow you to disconnect from the fast-paced world of the city, offering an opportunity to forget what is happening in the outside world and to embrace the tranquillity and peace of the venue. In addition, you will have the feeling of being on a farm, but within the city. It boasts 3 rooms: La Casona del Museo, La Casa del Parque and La Sede Junior; likewise its cosy chapel will allow you to have the necessary privacy to celebrate solely with your partner and your guests.

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Photo: Museo de El Chicó

Castillo Marroquín

Get married in a romantic and magical spot that ensures an unforgettable experience. This exclusive spot, built in 1898, allows you to feel like in a fairy-tale, with you being the princess of the castle. For the convenience of your guests, it comes with its own chapel, and a room for the wedding night.

Thanks to its architecture and décor it has become a favourite spot to secure the best photographs. Its impressive façade and gardens will guarantee some very good photos for your album. The photographic lens will capture both you and your partner enjoying yourselves while you exploit the venue’s every detail.

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Photo: Castillo Marroquin

Hacienda Fagua

Located on Km 5 Via Tabio Cajicá, the mountains, flowers and gardens are the protagonists here, allowing you to get closer to nature. Its chapel, Santa Margarita of Fagua, has capacity for up to 160 people seated, and enchants for its colonial style and its impressive acoustics allowing you to enjoy some music. All this so you can relish an unforgettable worry-free day.  The Casa Hacienda de Fagua has been distinguished for its excellent attention to its events. It offers a complete catering service, waiting and food, and has a magnificent reputation, making it the ideal venue for your wedding.

You will also fall in love with the architecture and its vast green spaces. It is a very notable site for its ancient history as it was built around 1500. The name “Fagua” comes from the muysccubun language of the Muisca culture and means “star” or “guide”. For the Muiscas, Fagua was the spiritual guide or counsellor of the community. At the beginning of the colony, this estate was an important assignment and around 1967 restoration began to recover its original beauty. It boasts 32 rooms and, due to its historic and Colcultura value, was declared a national monument. 

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Photo: Hacienda Fagua

Hotel de la Ópera

Because you want this marvelous day to be unique and unforgettable, you can choose between a destination wedding, outside the city or tailor-made, where the dreams and tastes of both you and your partner, are conceptualized and accomplished. All this thanks to the Hotel’s team of experts and its well-known wedding planners. If you are looking to share the few days leading up to the celebration with your partner, the hotel offers the Thermae Spa, perfect for escaping any pre-wedding stress. Likewise, you may spend your wedding night in one of their comfortable rooms.

This is an ideal venue for your big day because not only will you find everything you need, but it is also located in the historical centre of La Candelaria and is perfect for an urban wedding, full of history, surrounded by the best colonial architecture of the city and in an environment that reflects the city of Bogotá. The majority of its clients choose it for its exclusivity and added value such as the architecture. The hotel is both historical and cultural heritage for Bogota, and was the headquarters for the guardsmen of the Liberator, Simón Bolivar, and after a careful process of restoration is today a beautiful venue to hold a special wedding. Its spaces offer the possibility to carry out both a civil or Christian ceremony, while La Canderlaria boasts 9 catholic churches, known best for their architecture, including the Catedral Primada and Carmen. Divine!

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Foto: Tomada de Instagram @hoteldelaopera

Now is the moment to decide which is the your dream wedding venue, and the one in which you will be able to enjoy this marvelous day together with your loved ones. If you are looking for more information on everything you will need to get married in Bogotá, we invite you to get to know the best professionals of the sector who will ensure that your day is both wonderful and unforgettable.

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