3 Outdoor Ideas for your Summer Wedding Reception

A beautiful outdoor wedding by Jen Lynne photography

Summer is one of the most romantic times to get married. It’s all about the outdoors and the beach. It reminds people of the sun, sand and endless summer nights. A summer wedding reception is typically a more casual and laid-back affair, so the rules are there are no rules. Make it your own and put your unique signature touches on it that will make it an experience to remember.

If you are planning a more low-key event for your reception, then check out these relaxed and informal ideas for your summer wedding reception.

A summer BBQ

Outdoor Summer Barbecue. It’s perfect for our country loving couples. Imagine having BBQ stations with all your favorite foods such as hotdogs, burgers, steak and chicken. No fussy waiters serving your guests. They can freely walk around and taste all the appetizing stations you have created. Skip the usual white and blue checkered look that most BBQ’s have. Go for bright pastel colors when choosing your table linens and color motif. These colors  are sure to pop out in the beautiful outdoors.  If you’re going to serve beer and wine, go for imported brands to add a touch of sophistication to your event. Try a rosé wine or this German imported beer from Becks. Don’t forget your his and hers matching cowboy hats to finish off your country themed look.

An outdoor picnic wedding
A live band entertaining guests

Outdoor Picnic. A picnic is another wonderful suggestion for your wedding reception. Try and personalize your event and create individual baskets for your guests. This may seem like a daunting task but with the right caterer or friends to help you out, this little touch of detail leaves a big impact. Fill the baskets with treats such as a Panini sandwich and an individualized bottle of champagne like this one from Veuve Clicquot that will surely astound them. These baskets could also serve as your wedding souvenirs for your guests to take home. Outdoor picnics are perfect for live entertainment. A live band is a great music alternative to a DJ.  A band almost always interacts with the audience, so your guests will never get bored and they’ll be entertained until the wee hours of the evening.

An elegant outdoor buffet
A pre-made mojito cocktail by Jen Lynne photography

Outdoor Buffet. An outdoor buffet is another fantastic option for wedding reception.  Buffets are good for a large group without the large budget. Dress the buffet table up with elegant linens and use chafing dishes and crock pots, as to not minimize the delicious food you are serving. An outdoor buffet is a brilliant way to mix all types of ethnic dishes that your guests can sample. From Mexican empanadas, Chinese eggrolls and Lebanese kabobs, your guests will have a culinary delight from these delicious dishes from all over the globe. Drinks at a buffet table should already be pre-made. Pick a signature cocktail such as a mojito or a daiquiri, so that you wont keep your guests waiting behind the bar all night.

Did you like these 3 ideas for your wedding reception? Did you have your wedding reception outdoors? Share your experience and ideas with us and leave a comment at the box below.

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