3 Great Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Having a spectacular wedding doesn't mean you have to blow the bank - plan smart with these pro tips!

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Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a huge task to take on…. and it can be a costly task as well. When you get engaged, you are so excited and many brides-to-be want to start their planning right away, but between picking the date, booking the venue, finding the perfect dress, figuring out what type of theme and decor you want to have…the list can be overwhelming.

Since a wedding can be a very expensive affair, here are 3 ways for you to save money on your wedding to keep your budget in check. Enjoy and happy wedding planning!

1. Pick the right city.

Your Location Matters.

If you currently live in NYC but grew up in Virginia, but have always really want to get married in the big city, just remember that costs will be so much higher. Choosing a location in your hometown may be your better, and more cost effective, option if you are looking to save money.

Think About Venue Options In Each City.

When trying to decide the right city to say “I do,” you also have to think about venue options in that location. We all know that having a fancy black tie affair in the ballroom at The Park Plaza Hotel will be so much more costly than a ballroom in a smaller town. And let’s be honest, you can create any type of atmosphere in any venue you decide to get married in. It all has to do with your decor, and a little planning to create the theme you want.

Consider Your Guests.

Another thing to think about when you are considering different locations for your wedding is your guests. Will almost all of your family and friends who are attending the wedding have to fly or drive if you decide to have your event in the Big Apple? If so, that means they would also have to pay for the cost of a hotel room for the days they have to be in town. Those travel and accommodation costs can really add up, especially when they are already spending money on your wedding gift.

Consider The Wedding Laws

Do you want to have your wedding in another country altogether? Make sure you know ahead of time what all you will need to do so you abide by the marriage laws in that country. Here are a few other tips if you are planning a destination wedding.

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2. Plan for the offseason.

Offseason Can Also Mean Cheaper

Not only are venues cheaper to rent during the offseason, but you may find that other items are as well. You will also most likely have more options available for a wedding day during the off months.

Remember That The Offseason is Different Everywhere

Make sure to remember that the offseason is different in various locations. For example, offseason in places that have 4 distinct seasons would be in the winter months. These locations could be places in the United States including New York City, Chicago, Virginia, and Colorado, just to name a few. In areas where it is warmer all throughout the year, the summer would be their offseason. A few of these destinations include Florida, the Bahamas or really any beach destination off the Coast of the US or in South America. Be sure if you are planning a destination wedding in another country, you do your research beforehand to figure out what the offseason is in that specific location.

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3. Have your wedding at home.

Have All Or Part Of The Wedding At Home

Whether you want to say “I do” at your parents house that you lived in for your entire childhood life, just like in on Father of the Bride when Annie Banks and Bryan MacKenzie wanted to have their wedding at her childhood home. Using a family member’s house for your big day can be just as wonderful as if you had it at a venue and remember that a wedding at home does not have to be as costly as what you see in the movies. You could just have the ceremony there, or only the reception, or you may just want to have both in the same location so no one has to leave.

Plan Ahead

You can save so much money if you do not have to rent out an expensive ballroom or other local venue but you have to make sure you plan ahead to get chairs and tables and other items you may need for the outdoor soiree. You may even be able to borrow tables and chairs from a local business, church, or someone you know. Having a tent may also be a good idea, just in case you have some rain on your wedding day. And be sure not to worry about the weather, a little rain on a wedding day never hurt anything.

A Backyard Wedding Can Work With So Many Themes

You can create an amazingly beautiful backyard wedding in any theme you choose. Whether you have always wanted to have a rustic wedding or a southern country wedding, there are so many great ways to make that work. The beautiful colors of the natural outdoors can go perfectly with so many color palettes to help you create the wedding day you have always dreamed of. You can also create a beautiful stylish or traditional wedding, especially if you are going to have a tent. White twinkle lights or beautiful white flowers can make you feel like you are in a romantic ballroom or venue, not just in your very own backyard.

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