20 Things Couples Should Say Yes and No to at their Wedding


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Photo: Carmen Olmos

Say NO to:

1. Stress. You´ve made it and now is the time to enjoy the moment with your loved ones not micro manage!
2. A wedding in which neither you nor your partner know half the guests. Don´t be afraid to prune the list to only the most important friends and family.
3. Useless wedding favors or any other kind of tacky wedding favor that your guests will just throw out. Edible souvenirs are always the best – nobody´s going to keep a framed picture of you two.

Foto: Papel & EstiloLearn more about “Papel & Estilo”
Photo: Papel & Estilo Convites

4. Uncomfortable shoes. Truly, if you can´t walk around or dance at your own wedding because your feet hurt, you´ll regret it (wedges and platforms are great options).
5. Carrying cellphones down the aisle – brides and grooms, seriously, your guests and the photographer you hired will have you covered.
6. Guests you know will only show up to the reception and not the ceremony.

Foto: EsposarLearn more about “Esposar”
Photo: Esposar

7. Cliché songs for your entrance and exit – really! This is your time to choose something meaningful and personal.
8. Strenuous juice diets that will have you feeling faint and drained the day of your wedding.
9. More than two wedding photographers – two is enough to catch all the moments and angles you´ll need.
10. Outdated wedding traditions like feeding/smashing cake into each others faces (read about others here).

Foto: Matthew Morgan

Say YES to:

1. Enjoying your big day!
2. A mixed music list – remember, if you have a wedding with all guests of all ages that everybody likes to dance.
3. Alternative wedding gift options like a honeymoon fund or a charity. Set one up now with Zankyou!
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4. Guest who want to switch to slippers and dance all night long – in fact, these make great wedding favors!
5. Candybar. It doesn´t matter if you´re on a diet for your wedding, guests will love to have a little sweet.
6. Dinner! Some couples get so carried away greeting all their guests at the reception they forget to eat!

Foto: Bru Puoli Gifts
Photo: Bru Puoli Gifts

7. Midnight snacks. If you plan on dancing all night with your guests, have a food option available for you and your guest – food trucks are a great option!
8. Taking breaks. It´s going to be a long night, don´t forget to take little breaks to soak in the moment.
9. Spending along time with your spouse. This is the day you are officially husband and wife!
10. Selfies. After the ceremony, its all game.

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