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20 Experiences You Should Have With Your Partner Before Having Kids

If you’re thinking about having kids and haven’t done these things yet, let us give you some advice. Don’t rush!

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Marriage is an adventure. As your marriage grows and changes over time, you should enjoy every minute of it, don’t you think?  You might be feeling eager to have kids, but trust us, there is no need to rush. There are so many other great things for you and your partner to experience before starting a family so we’ve listed a few of them. Take note!

saveFoto: Fernando Caballero
photo: Fernando Caballero

1. Travel, travel, travel…

You should travel as much as you can while it’s just the two of you. What are you dying to see? Where do you dream of visiting? Now that you have the freedom, you should pack your bags and conquer the world together.

saveFoto: Cristina Civallero
photo: Cristina Civallero

2. Eat at your favorite spots

We’re not trying to say that you won’t be able to go to your favorite restaurants after you have kids, but date nights become less frequent and sometimes, bringing the kids along isn’t a possibility. In the meantime, eat how you want, where you want, enjoy a nice wine, and don’t worry about the check!

saveFoto: Olinka Jaimes
photo: Olinka Jaimes

3. Read together

Go to the bookstore and choose a book that both of you want to read. Put time aside to read together. Have your own private book club. Talk about the text and listen to each other’s opinion over a glass of wine, of course!

4. Take lots of photos

Believe us, after you have a family, your phone will be full of pictures of your kids. Make sure you capture your special moments together. You’ll be glad you did!

saveFoto: Aniela Fotografía
photo: Aniela Photography

5. Sleep in

We underestimate the power of sleep, but when the kids arrive, you’ll forget what sleeping 8 hours feels like. Enjoy those weekends. Stay in bed, forget about the world, and sleep until noon (or later).

saveFoto: Sacramentos Fotografía
photo: Sacramentos

6. Party!

Whether it’s with friends or just the two of you, take advantage of Friday and Saturday night. Enjoy the freedom and live life as if you were still just dating.

7. Take a class together

Think of a new skill that you’d like to learn, cooking, a new language, pottery, whatever you can think of! The point is to learn new things and become better versions of yourselves.

saveFoto: Alfonso Flores
photo: Alfonso Flores

8. Give each other gifts

Without the financial obligation of raising a family, take the time to surprise your partner with small gifts. Think of something he’d love to have or something he’s dying to experience and make it happen!

saveFoto: Ana Luisa de la Torre
photo: Ana Luisa de la Torre

9. Go to the movies

Saturday morning, midnight on a Friday, sometime during the week, you decide! Go, have fun, and break the routine, whether it’s that action-packed blockbuster he’s been dying to see or an independent French film that you’ve never heard of.

saveFoto: Micke Valenzuela
photo: Micke Valenzuela

10. Move to a new city

It’s pretty incredible how much freedom you have without kids. The first phases of marriage are the only time you can pick up your things and move to a new city. Think of a place you’ve always wanted to experience and pack your bags!

11. Socialize

Take the time to tell each other everything, whether it’s something funny that happened at work or what you ate for lunch. There’s always more to learn about each other. Take advantage of it while you can.

saveFoto: Cheesiness
photo: Cheesiness

12. Tell each other “I love you”

Of course, that’s kind of implied, but it doesn’t hurt to remind each other! A simple “I love you” or showing your love in creative ways never hurts.

saveFoto: Sergio Quezada
Fphoto: Sergio Quezada

13. Have a sleepover party

Seriously, this is something you should do. Get in your pajamas, order pizza, and watch your favorite movies all night long.

saveFoto: Danny Ramírez
photo: Danny Ramírez

14. Go to concerts

Go see a classical music performance or your favorite band. The point is to get your fix of live music while it’s just the two of you. That rock n’ roll lifestyle won’t last forever!

15. Work on your bucket list

Sit down together and write down everything you’d like to experience. Set goals to do everything on your bucket list. Take note of which items you’ll have to do before you start a family and get started on those asap!

saveFoto: Adriana Cruz
photo: Adriana Cruz

16. Go camping

Leave your troubles (and phone) behind and get lost in nature. Spending a few days in the woods will allow you to disconnect and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about what the kids are up to.

saveFoto: Ale Quiñonez
photo: Ale Quiñonez

17. Exercise together

Part of maintaining a marriage is taking care of yourself. Eating well and exercising are important things that everyone should do. Why not do it together? Sign up for memberships at your local gym and take an exercise class together.

saveFoto: Armando Aragón
photo: Armando Aragón

18. Change your bad habits

You should work every day on self improvement. Do you smoke, stay up late, eat junk food, swear a lot?  Think about your bad habit and work together to overcome them.

saveFoto: Tato Cid Wedding Memories
photo: Tato Cid Wedding Memories

19. Go on cultural tours

Now is the time to get your fix of culture. Use your free time to visit museums, expositions, and galleries and learn something new!

20. Talk about having kids

After all, it’s probably the most important discussion that you can have in a marriage. Talk seriously about this decision. Weigh the pros and cons, discuss your expectations, and analyze your financial situation. When it comes to having kids, communication is essential!

saveFoto: Jonathan Guajardo
photo: Jonathan Guajardo

If you’re thinking about having kids and haven’t done these things yet, let us give you some advice. Don’t rush! Enjoy the pre-family phase of marriage as much as you can!

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