12 Reasons why Mixed-Marriages are the Best

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The world is globalizing and you know what that means…more mixed babies. That’s right! The future is multi-cultural and we’re all for it. We could give you an entire novel on why being a mixed couple is the best, but we’ll just give you our top 15 why and see if you’re not convinced to go jetting off to find a foreign beau.

savePhoto : Mon conte de fées
Photo : Mon conte de fées

1. Because you get to say and hear “I love you” in another language. 

2. Because one or both of your mothers live far, far away

3. Because your children will be multi-lingual and the benefits of that are numerous in an increasingly globalized world.


4. Because you’ll both learn about a different culture and create a new mixed one of your own!

5. Because you get to be seduced in another language.

6. Because you get to learn your language all over again.

saveCéline Chan Photographie
Céline Chan Photographie

7. Because you won’t be just a tourist in your partner’s home country.

8. Because you’ll understand and learn to have a more open mind.

9. Because you’ll have so many more home cooking options.

saveKateryna Photos
Kateryna Photos

10. Because you’ll be an active and symbolic part of the future of the world.

11. Because the accent.

12. Because love is not distinguished by color, sex, age, nor borders. 

saveHD Photography
HD Photography

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