11 Beautiful Bridal Hair Tutorials You Can´t Miss!

As easy as one, two, three, these amazing hairstyles will leave your breathless and beautiful!

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Planning on doing your own hair for your big day? Or need some ideas and pictures to show your hairdresser? Look no further. These easy to grasp picture tutorials are just the thing. Comprehensive and stunningly beautiful, there´s a look for every bride, whether you have short, thick, curly, or long hair. Take a look and pick your favourite! 

11 Beautiful Bridal Hair Tutorials You Can´t Miss!


1. Fishtail Braid


Do you have long straight hair or are you planning to straighten your hair? Why not try the classic fishtail braid? The boho chic hairstyle is a nice alternative to the traditional braid and if you have highlights, shows them off beautifully.  

2. A Braided Crown for Short Hair


 It used to be that if you had short hair you didn’t have much option in the way of bridal hairstyles and updos – not so today! Just look at that beautiful crown! It actually gives the illusion of much longer hair.

3. The Hippie Braid


Simple and sweet, this single braid can also be done with a shorter hairstyle.

4. The Elegant Twist Bun for Thick Hair


For those brides with curly, thick hair, who want an updo that will show off both their thick luscious locks and their neck, this beautiful twist chignon is perfect. Decorate with flower wreaths or single flowers, or keep it clean and simple; however you decide to wear it, it´ll be gorgeous.

5. The Braided Crown with Loose Hair

savePinterest/Accessoires cheveux chic
Pinterest/Accessoires cheveux chic

Want to let your lovely locks long for your bridal look but want a little structure? This look is so classic and simple, you could do it with your eyes closed.

6. The Side Braid Bun for Thick, Curly Hair


Wow. This is a stunning look that you don´t necessarily have to have braided hair for – though we do recommend that you have thicker hair to achieve the same volume and dramatic, elegant look.

7. The Double Braid Crown for Short Hair


Two crowns are better than one! Here, even if your hair is short, you can form two pretty braids and wrap your head like a headband.

8. Ponytail 3.0


It looks so much more elegant than three ponytails looped together, but really that´s all it is!

9. The Bump with Braided Crown

savePinterest/The Berry
Pinterest/The Berry

This hairstyle is one of our favorites! Not only is it easy to achieve, but it is devilishly chic! A slight bump at the top of the head gives the braided crown more definition – also making the hairstyle more classical.

10. Loose Side Bun Held with a Headband


This is a study in the dishevelled look! It takes work to look so casually chic. With an added headpiece, this look can range from casual to glamorous.

11. High Messy Bun


Sweet and sophisticated with just the right touch of casual, this bun is the essence of relaxed elegance. Reminiscent of ballerinas at practice, we´d pair this hairstyle with a simple, sheath wedding dress with flowy tulle details.

These tutorials are so easy we´re tempted to just wear these hairstyles at home!


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