7 Ways Wedding Couples Give Thanks & Pay it Forward

Vintage Newlywed Thank You Card Design from Mostaza Seed Graphics on Etsy

There are many creative and sentimental ways newlyweds can express their gratitude to family and friends, or to pass the generosity on. Here are 7 of our favorite ways wedding couples give thanks and pay it forward in honor of their loved ones.

Post Wedding Brunch. Photo by Sarah Yates Photography

 Giving Thanks

1. Post-wedding Brunch: From engagement parties to rehearsal dinners, the pre-wedding events were likely organized and hosted by some of your closest family and friends. Show your gratitude by hosting a post-wedding brunch for everyone who pitched in to make your nuptials so wonderful.

Are you flying off on your honeymoon immediately following the ceremony? No worries – host your gratitude brunch soon after your return.

Homemade Cocktail Mixers from Martha Stewart

2. Homemade Beverage Mixes for Toasting: Cocktails, apple cider, hot chocolate, gourmet coffee – homemade beverages and mixes allow wedding couples to send some extra “toasts” of gratitude home with their loved ones.

Fir Tree Wedding Favors. Photo by Yunhee Kim

3. Something Growing, Something Green: Seed-embedded gift cards attached to live plant wedding favors express a wedding couple’s gratitude for helping their love root and grow. Live plant gift ideas include small fir or topiary trees, succulents, and herbs.

Custom Printable Wedding Thank You Card from Stace Cadet Designs on Etsy

4. Personalized Thank You Notes: Creative, personalized wedding thank you notes allow a wedding couple to express gratitude in their own special ways. Stace Cadet Designs on Etsy offers digital files for custom thank you notes that you can print on your own. Leave these notes on wedding reception tables, include in wedding favor bags or mail after the ceremony.

Photo from Beloved Events and Weddings

5. Host a Game Day: If your new spouse would much rather share a football game with his (or her!) buddies than sit down for a brunch or tea, get the gang together and play ball! After all, a sentimental version of team spirit is at the heart of wedding day gratitude. Serve a simple and hearty thank-you meal to your hungry guests after the game.

Wedding Favor Donation Cards from Nostalgic Imprints on Etsy

Paying it Forward

5. Charitable Donations: Instead of giving wedding favors, consider making donations to a charity in honor of your guests and loved ones. Nostalgic Imprints on Etsy will custom design your wedding favor donation cards, complete with photos and the name of your charity.

Volunteer in a Community Garden

6. Lend a Hand to Friends of Friends: Do your relatives and friends have charity projects, community gardens, or home maintenance needs? Volunteer to help people near and dear to the people who gave you the wedding of your dreams.

Pay it Forward by Donating Blood Together

7. Give Blood Together: While creating a new life together, pay forward your gratitude by helping save some lives, too. Make a date to give blood together at the local blood bank or American Red Cross. Better yet, invite your wedding party to join you!

This is an especially wonderful way to pay gratitude forward after a military wedding, by giving blood in honor of our heroes in the military services.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Sign from 13 Pumpkins on Etsy

Giving thanks and paying it forward can be done in so many loving ways, during the wedding and after. Simplest of all, of course, is remembering to say a heartfelt “thank you” every chance you get.

What are your favorite ideas for how wedding couples express gratitude to their loved ones and beyond? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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