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10 Types of Ponytail for 10 Types of Bride: a Comfortable, yet Captivating Hairstyle for your big day

Looking for an elegant yet practical and comfortable hairstyle for your wedding day? Look no further than the ponytail. Anyone knows that when a woman ties her hair back, it's about to get serious. Prepare to wow on your big day with one of these beautiful bridal ponytails.

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Bridal hairstyles with a ponytail are bang on trend for next year. It is a simple hairstyle, which usually favors most women and which is also, thankfully, very comfortable and practical for any time of year.

Ponytails are “romantic, elegant, fresh and almost reminiscent of childhood, so they are a safe bet.” Luckily it’s not necessary to have long hair to achieve this hairstyle. There are a lot of options if you opt for a ponytail as your bridal hairstyle and whatever your hair type, long, straight or curly, we are here to give you 10 different ponytail ideas that you can rock on your wedding day. Enjoy!

savePeinado y maquillaje: Juan Carlos Hidalgo, de Oui Novias |Foto: 4events
Hair & Makeup: Juan Carlos Hidalgo, from Oui Novias |Photo: 4events

1. Messy high ponytail

High ponytails are the most flattering, and almost all brides feel great wearing one. It can also be worn irrespective of your hair’s length. It is best to give it a bit of shap at the tips or from the root. Additionally, this type of ponytail is done without a comb or brush, using only the hands and fingers to give that carefree feel to your hairdo.

savecoleta novia
Foto: Loule Event

 2. Pulled back high ponytail

This ponytail can also be done with hair of different lengths. If you choose this hairstyle you must be used to having your hair pulled back if you do not want to feel that you look strange on your wedding day. Although it is a very comfortable type of ponytail, it doesn’t work for everyone, for example, brides that want to disguise a wide forehead should avoid pulling the hair back tightly. Ideally, straighten the hair back and give some shape to the ends. You can also place an accessory in our hair like a bow or a comb to hold the ponytail in place.

savecoleta alta con lazo
Photo: Rosa Clará

3. Casual mid-height ponytail

Neither too high nor too low. You can style an average ponytail that you can wear any day but give ita “careless, unkempt” look, as if you didn’t have much time or the energy to properly style it. Leaving some loose hair in the front area and then tying the ponytail with your own hair, will make this a very natural hairstyle that is both comfortable and low-maintenance.

savecoleta media altura
Photo: Manuel Zamorano
saveEncarnacón Campanario
Hair: Manuel Cecilio | Photo: Encarnación Campanario

4. Low ponytail with straight hair

Wearing your hair straight on your wedding day is a good idea if you want to look beautiful and elegant. If this is how you want your ponytail, ideally you tie it with your own hair or you can even decorate it with a nice hair accessory or comb if you don’t want it to be too simple.

saveAtelier Couture
Photo: Atelier Couture
saveAni Bürech
Photo: Ani Bürech

5. Low ponytail with wavy or curly hair

A low ponytail is incredibly versatile since you don’t need to have really long hair for it to look nice. If, in addition, your hair is slightly wavy or you use a curling iron to add some big curls, it will look effortless and feminine.

saveLes Productions De La Fabrik
Photo: Les Productions De La Fabrik

6. Low ponytail with braids

If you are a fan of braids, you can combine them with a ponytail for your wedding hairstyle. You can make several small or medium braids at the top and leave the rest of the hair in the ponytail or make two thick braids on the sides and leave them in half loose or tie them with a strand of hair as a low ponytail.

savecoleta con trenzas de novia
Photo: Marieta Hairstyle

7. Wavy side ponytail

Bringing a ponytail to one side is also ideal as a bridal hairstyle. On top of that, you can play with the bangs, leave some strands loose or not, curl the tips or your whole head of hair, put a headband or accessory on the other side, etc … A safe bet with which you will look beautiful!

savecoleta ladeada
Photo: Melissa Oholendt Photography

8. Low ponytail on medium-length hair

If you have medium-length hair you can also wear a ponytail, although the best thing in this case is that you choose a low ponytail and straighten your hair for manageability. Otherwise, if you curl it or try a high ponytail, there would be little hair actually in the hairtie!

saveCabotine Foto Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week
Cabotine. Photo: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

9. “Accidental” ponytail

Another option is to pull back your hair, either in a casual way or more combed up to shoulder length and at the end tie it into a very low ponytail. You can decorate the part in the back and leave the hanging hair loose.

Photo: Bhldn

10. Many ponytails in one

High, low, messy or tidy, this type of ponytail is still a trendy hairstyle. Surely you’ve seen it on more than one occasion and you liked it. It is a ponytail that is tied two, three or more times and looks very elegant and original, as well as comfortable for any occasion.

saveMarieta HairStyle
Foto: Marieta HairStyle

Have you already decided on your wedding day ponytail? We know it’s difficult, but rest assured that with any of these styles you will look awesome. If you have not yet decided which dress you’re wearing, check out the best selection of wedding dresses 2017 or flower crowns to accessorize your ponytail.

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