10 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

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Your guests are eager to wish you well for your wedding day. Your job is to create a perfectly personalized registry with a broad range of items that you’ll both really enjoy. Here are 10 tips for creating the registry of your dreams that your friends and family will love to contribute to.

1.Forget the ‘rules’. Adhering to tradition has its place, but not if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. If you have no real use for a fine set of silver, don’t feel obligated to register for it. No one will be scandalized if you don’t have a blender on your list. Think about both fun and practical items, and add a little bit of everything.

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2. Think about your hobbies. Love to cook? Love to tackle DIY projects in your home? Love to travel/sail/ski? Your registry should reflect that. Zankyou allows you to register for absolutely anything from anywhere, so there’s no limit to what you can ask for. Let your personalities and interests shine through! Check out this retro-themed wedding registry from Zankyou Italy for a couple with tons of throw-back style.

3. Include items in a wide range of prices. This is one ‘old’ registry custom that holds true. Think of your guests and their varying incomes, and the level of intimacy in their relationship to you. Don’t be shy about putting a big budget gift on your list, but allow guests to contribute towards it in increments, or include one lower-priced gift for every high-priced gift.

4. Don’t forget the honeymoon. Honeymoon registries are commonplace now, and many couples who already have established households prefer receiving contributions towards the trip of a lifetime. Zankyou allows you to register for every last detail of the honeymoon, from the flight and hotel to sightseeing tours and bottles of bubbly upon arrival, so get creative! Here’s an example of a Zankyou honeymoon registry for a romantic Roman getaway.

5. Don’t create 10 different registries. Want linens from Bed, Bath and Beyond? Power tools from Home Depot? A dining table from your local antique store? Kitchen gear from Williams Sonoma? With Zankyou, you can include all of these items in one easy-to-use registry. No one wants everything in their home to come from one big box store anymore. Pick and choose the items you want, add photos & links to your Zankyou registry, and you’ll receive the full cash equivalent in your bank account to get whatever you want, from wherever you want. Guests will be happy they’re contributing to something you really want, and you won’t look greedy sending 10 different links to all your friends and relatives.

6. Think outside the gift box. What if you’ve got your household already taken care of and your honeymoon was booked and paid for months ago? There are still registry options out there for you. Register for fitness classes or tennis lessons together to keep the newlywed bulge at bay. Register for contributions toward a new car to replace your current clunker. Create a registry piggy bank that will eventually go towards that kitchen remodel you’ve been planning. Your future together doesn’t have limitations – why should your wedding registry?

7. Pay it forward. If you’ve got everything you could possibly ask for, celebrate your good fortune by giving to others on your wedding day. You can create a Zankyou registry to request donations towards your favorite charity. If you or a loved one has been touched by cancer, registering for contributions to the American Cancer Society is a wonderful way to give back on your wedding day. If you adore your pets, ask guests to contribute to the ASPCA or your favorite local animal shelter on your behalf. There are thousands of environmental and humanitarian causes out there, so pick the cause that’s closest to your hearts.

8. Tell your story. Let your friends and family know why you want to honeymoon in Greece, or how you dream of having the perfectly equipped backyard barbecue set-up. Guests LOVE to know that they’re contributing towards your future together. Tell the story of how you met, the big things you plan to do together, etc. Zankyou allows you to create a personalized and private wedding webpage or to add extensive descriptions, links and photos to each gift in your registry.

9. Collaborate. It’ll be good practice for when you’re married. But seriously, make sure your registry includes items that reflect the interests of both of you. Your registry shouldn’t be one-sided; your wedding celebration is about you as a couple. If he’s a homebody and she’s got the travel bug, add some snazzy home theater equipment AND a trip to an exotic locale to your registry.

10. HAVE FUN! You probably haven’t been able to create a wish list like this since you were writing letters to Santa. This is one of the most exciting times of your lives, and your guests want to contribute to your happiness. Embrace it, and request the gifts that will most enrich your lives as a couple.

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