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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Wedding Industry

Discover these 10 insights into the world of weddings as found in the Zankyou International Wedding Observations (ZIWO) study. From the most hired professionals to popular honeymoon destinations, discover the habits and preferences of millennial couples in this article!

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Wedding Industry
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Are you planning your wedding and wondering what new highlights are occurring in the industry? Well, thanks to the ZIWO study (Zankyou International Wedding Observations) which surveyed thousands of couples across 15 countries in Europe and the Americas, we can share 10 key findings that you probably never knew about the wedding industry.

1. 94% of couples get married for LOVE

Historically, reasons such as “financial security, religion and family pressure” were prevalent reasons as to why couples would choose to marry, but we are glad to report that each year more and more couples choose to tie the knot because of love. So, with love being at the heart of the event, couples are looking for more unique and creative ways to celebrate and demonstrate their love story, turning to the help of wedding professionals to bring their vision to life.

2. 91% of couples use the internet to plan their weddings

With the millennial generation being the principal demographic of the population getting married nowadays, their automatic go-to resource is the internet. With 85% of couples looking for their providers online, 60% specifically heading to the internet to read reviews and another 65% actually buying products for the event online. This reinforces the rhetoric that wedding providers need to have a well thought out digital marketing plan in order to reach the modern couple.

3. Growing demand for professional wedding planners

The study found that almost one in three couples hired a professional wedding planner last year. The busy millennial is turning to the help of professionals who can help minimise stress and maximize productive planning hours. With the growing emphasis towards personalisation, couples are looking for guidance on how they can make their wedding that extra bit special. Couples are searching for planners with experience and qualifications making it even more important for wedding planners to work towards acquiring professional certificates and creating a brand that represents and reflects their professionalism. There is also a growing trend for hiring on the day coordinators, presenting new opportunities for planners to expand their services.

saveBelief Wedding CreatorsFind out more about Belief Wedding Creators
Belief Wedding Creators

As a result of the growing demand for wedding planners, a strong, supportive community has developed in the industry amongst professionals. Belief Wedding Creators is an international platform for wedding planners and designers with members in more than 30 countries. They help wedding creators grow their businesses by providing them with all the necessary tools to make their work easier so they can pour all their resources and passion into doing what they love, wedding planning, without being preoccupied with technicalities.

saveBelief Wedding CreatorsFind out more about Belief Wedding Creators
Belief Wedding Creators

Not only do Belief Wedding Creators provide support and accessibility for wedding professionals, but they also do everything they can to promote their members. The Belief Awards, for example, are an online contest amongst Belief Wedding Creators members created to celebrate wedding planners and designers around the globe. It gives wedding professionals more brand exposure, and allows members to socialise with  their fellow wedding creators from around the world, therefore gaining international contacts and expanding their businesses as well as the industry. Oh, the wonders of the Internet!

saveBelief Wedding CreatorsFind out more about Belief Wedding Creators
Belief Awards 13th Edition Wedding Concept Winner – Jacqueline Vazquez

4.  1 in 10 couples get married abroad 

Around 9% of all weddings last year were destination weddings. That’s almost 1 in 10 couples deciding to tie the knot in a location other than their country of residence. This reality has meant that there is an even greater need for couples to be able to connect with professionals abroad, and this need is being met with the help of resources such as Zankyou’s destination wedding directory.


5. Skin, the primary beauty concern 

Beauty has always been a top priority for the bride, and the ZIWO study showed that 90% of brides hire a professional hair stylist and a trained makeup artist to create their floorless wedding look.  63% of brides also opt for treatments pre-event to ensure that they achieve their perfect bridal look. Although hair treatments and weight-loss treatments/dieting were common activities, the most popular treatment to have in the lead up to the wedding was skin treatment.

6. Half of couples hire both professional Photographers and Videographers

Most couples have as a minimum a professional wedding photographer, but 52% of couples in fact hired both a photographer and videographer, as more couples look to create a cinematic memory of their special day. Digital photo booths are also becoming a fun addition to wedding entertainment, where couples can give their guests another special way to remember the day.

7. Gift Lists and Wedding Websites

We continue to see a rising number of couples opting to create a wedding website. This option allows for easy communication with guests concerning their wedding details, which is why today over 40% of couples make a personalised website. Couples can include accommodation recommendations, publish seating plans and even share photos.

In addition to this, the study found that 86% of couples would prefer money as a gift and online gift lists were 3 times more popular than a traditional department store gift registry!

8. More Multi-mooners

32% of couples confirmed that they visited multiple destinations during their honeymoon, suggesting that the objective of the honeymoon is no longer simply to retreat to a single resort, but an opportunity for the couple to start their new lives together, exploring different corners of the world. Some of the top destinations were Mexico, the USA, Thailand, Greece, France and Italy; with astrong interest from European couples in destinations like Japan, Dubai and Bali, whilst popular choices by our couples in South America included Caribbean islands and Spain.

9. Next Step, new home

More and more couples choose to live together for a period of time before they wed, however for most of them, they choose to wait and buy a house together after the wedding. This was the case for 46% of survey participants who confirmed that they would buy their first house after the wedding. However, with the typical millennial waiting a few extra years before they marry, the survey also found that 33% had already invested in a house before marrying their future spouse.

10. 1 in 4 couples would like a loan to cover their wedding costs

With the wedding continually converging towards being an elaborate affair, the cost can put a temporary strain on a couples’ finances. For this reason, 24% of couples stated that they would like a loan to help with the main costs of their wedding (although we would always advise that couples carefully consider their real budget before making wedding purchases). However, providers can help couples with regards to this topic by offering a range of flexible payment plans, allowing the couple to pay for their services over a fixed period of time.


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