10 questions for a seasoned wedding photographer to help you find the perfect photographer!

Every aspect of your wedding is a romantic and emotional reminder that a new chapter of your lives together is beginning. One of the most important ways to preserve these special moments is through professional photography. Expertlphotographers can really capture the story of your big day and evoke certain memories in a way that shots taken with a disposable just can’t achieve.

We had the privilege to speak to professional photographer Roberto Candido, head of a photo studio in Rome, who has a vivid sensitivity in capturing moments. “The photo that you do not expect, transforms one moment on your big day into an emotion that will accompany you throughout your life.” Take a look at these 10 questions we put to Roberto and use his brilliant insight to help you make the right call:

1. What sort of presence should a wedding photographer have on the day?

The ultimate question for all couples who are getting married. As well as producing photographs that reflect the beauty and story of the day, the photographer must be discreet and professional. Roberto is keen to point this out “the photographer’s presence depends on: the place, the number of guests and of course the couple’s preferences”. Sometimes two photographers should be chosen to get a range of shots and different perspectives of the images. For example, a panoramic shot can compliment a close up of the couple.

 2. What is the photographic style that will be used ?

There are many styles of photography that can be used to capture your special day. Artistic, traditional, documentary and black and white can feature, therefore it is important to take a look at portfolios to get a feel for your preferences, before chatting with your potential photographer to make sure their stylistic preference matches your own.

3. What photographic equipment should they use?

Roberto recommends that the photographer uses two professional cameras on the day (he uses two flagship cameras from the Canon range, complete with everything you could need for any length of shot and amount of ambient lighting). Backup should be provided and equipment must not spoil the wedding decor!

4. How can I recognise a good photographer?

Roberto strongly feels that “experience, elegance, discretion and punctuality are the key points that identify a true professional”, but acknowledges that beyond this there is some very important things which are more a case of taste. So as vital as Roberto’s key facets are, he stresses that it shouldn’t override looking at the stylistic qualities and services they offer, and even the rapport between you when making your decision.

5. What about photographers without wedding experience?

Probably one of the fundamental questions is whether someone who has not covered a wedding can turn their expertise towards it seamlessly. Roberto Candido had no hesitation on this front however, considering that being a great photographer and a great wedding photographer are not the same thing. Events photographers have a different skillset, so your best bet is to find someone with a broad experience but with a particular focus on weddings and events.

6. Up to what point in the evening should the photographers be there?

Roberto feels this is entirely a matter for the couple and the photographers, being really little more than a matter of preference.

7.  When your photos are presented to you can you get every single shot taken?

One of the advantages of digital photography is that it is now incredibly easy for you to be given a copy of every shot in some format or other even if it isn’t part of you selected package. Speak to your photographer to see if this is normal practice for them.

8. What about photography for events ahead of the wedding, maybe even for the hen and stag?

Hen and stag dos are a time to let loose and maybe in that scenario a photographer might just cramp your style! Most photographers will however devote some time to capturing the preparations on the wedding day, as Roberto mentions: “usually we capture the process of the bride getting ready, the hair and makeup, the dress and shoes, the interaction of the bride with her family and bridesmaids” but how involved or otherwise you want the photographer to be at this stage is entirely down to you.

9. Digital or analog?

We defer to Roberto’s perfect answer here; “even having lived through the analog to digital transition, I cherish the techniques that remain what matters, whichever you use. Ultimately as a photographer you work to find light in the most difficult of conditions, just as a couple does in marriage.”

10. How many of the shots should be natural rather than posed?

If you’re looking to capture the story of yourselves more than posed glossy magazine style photos, it’ll be nearly all the time. Be yourselves and a good photographer should be able to take care of the rest.

Many thanks to Roberto Candido and his team for making their professional experience and insight available to us. We leave you with one last tip that actually brings us full circle; do not think of the photography as a part of your celebration, rather think of the way that every little moment will be a joy to relive with the eyes of tomorrow.

We hope this helps you pick out the right photographer for you! Now you can start thinking about your catering options. If you are going for a summer wedding we’ve got the perfect ideas for sweets and eats to keep your guests throwing shapes on the dance floor all night long!

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Foto: Luis Tenza
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