10 Prohibited Actions for Wedding Guests

Photobombs, stalking the bride, overdoing the booze... Find out all of the actions you must avoid to be a great wedding guest!

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When you are invited to a wedding, plenty of things will go through your head: what to wear, how to style your hair, what kind of makeup to use. There’s a lot to consider as you prepare for the event, but have you ever thought about how you will proceed at the wedding itself? After all, it’s not just any party; it’s the single most important day of two people’s lives. The bride and groom will remember their wedding for a lifetime so it’s important to think twice, even three times about how you act.

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To make sure you are a pleasant guest, we decided to list 10 actions that no wedding attendee should ever commit. After all, you were invited to be part of this special day. You do not want to be remembered as bothersome.

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photo: Lucía Romero

1. Wearing white

This one is a given, but it never hurts to remember: white is for the bride only. Even if she says she doesn’t mind, know that if you wear white, you will receive lots of judgment from other guests. It’s much more polite to let all eyes be on the bride. Plus, there are so many exciting colors and prints that you can wear instead!

2. Being negative

Saying things like “the food is bland” or “the service is so slow” is off limits. Whether the bride and groom are your close friends or not, do not make negative comments about the party. Negativity brings more negativity. Aside from being rude, these comments could be heard by a close friend or relative of the couple and hurt feelings. If something is really calling your attention and you feel that you absolutely must comment, only tell your friends. The same rule always remains: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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photo: Norma Grau

3. Showing up empty-handed

The gift is more important than your own presence. There are no excuses. Even if you don’t know the bride and groom personally, most couples use a registry which makes choosing a gift so easy. Give them something that will help them in this new stage of life. Speaking of registries, Zankyou is an excellent way to make your wedding list and get all of the gifts your heart desires!

4. Not greeting the bride and groom

No need to be shy. You should always greet the bride and groom. You were carefully chosen to be a part of their wedding day. Creating a guest list is a very difficult task and you should feel honored to have been invited. Even if you aren’t close to the couple, saying congratulations and thanking them for the invitation is the least you can do to show your gratitude.

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photo: Banako Photo

5. Talking too much

Leave your existentialist philosophy for later, okay? The bride and groom will be too busy having fun to listen to your opinion of Nietzche. Weddings go by quickly and with so many photos to take and people to greet, the bride and groom would like to spend the rest of the night having as much fun as possible, so don’t ramble. Even if the couple seems interested, we hate to break it to you but they probably aren’t. Join in on the fun and leave the long conversations for later.

6. Being the shadow of the bride and groom

Aside from letting the bride and groom have fun, remember not to constantly follow them as they greet guests and take photos. These are their first moments as newlyweds. Yes, they want to enjoy your company but they would also appreciate some alone time. Let them come to you on their own time.

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photo: Lucía Romero

7. Getting too comfortable

Many guests, usually the ones who are closest to the bride and groom, end up feeling a little too comfortable. These are the guests who tend to overdo the booze and make mildly inappropriate comments. Even if you know the newlyweds well and know how easygoing they are, remember that this is a family event. You should absolutely have as much fun as you did at college parties, but be careful. There are grandparents and children present. You don’t want to be remembered as “that guest.”

8. Photobombs

It’s always fun to spoil your friends’ photos, but this is a wedding. Leave the photobombs at home. The photographer (who was probably very expensive) will only take longer to get the photos he wants. Messing with the photo shoot will only prolong the process and keep the bride and groom from the celebration.

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photo: Taller 7

9. Asking the bride and groom too many questions

The bride and groom have too much going on to answer trivial questions like “where can I find the party favors?” Imagine if every guest asked you this same question. Annoying, isn’t it? If you have any concern, take it up with a coordinator or employee of the venue. There will be a whole staff ready to help you.

10. Bringing a plus 1 without warning 

You may not know this, but every detail of the party has been planned around the number of rsvped guests. The couple and coordinator have calculated exactly how many drinks, seats, and meals they will provide according to the number on the guest list. If you plan on bringing a date, let the couple know! Otherwise, it will come out of their pockets.

Stay away from these acts and you will be remembered as a lovely guest!


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