10 Gifts that Every Woman Dreams of Receiving Once in her Life

Surprise your lady with any of these gift ideas and we guarantee she'll be putty in your hands!

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What woman doesn’t love receiving a surprise gift? I more so the thought of the surprise, rather than the surprise itself that matters. But just in case you need a few helpful hints, we’ve created this helpful list of gifts that every woman would love to be surprised with.

savePhoto: Riana Rousseau Photographer
Photo: Riana Rousseau Photographer

1. A ring

We’re not talking about the diamond kind, but if your feeling generous, don’t let us stop you. A ring, regardless if it’s  set with a diamond or not, is always a thoughtful gift. It reminds us of the days when couples would exchange locks of hair, lockets or, like in the 50s, wear letterman jackets.

2. A love letter

As cliché as this sounds, an honest love letter is a treasured gift. It doesn’t have to be poetry or filled with flowery sayings – just your true feelings. Let yourself go and write what you know, not what you think she wants to hear. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, why not check out these famous quotes on love!

3. Cooking her favorite food

Set aside a day and prepare her favorite meal! You could also make it a special and take her out on a surprise picnic – she’ll be even more surprised when you unpack her favorite foods! Or plan a romantic meal, set out some candles and have a intimate dinner at home, cooked by you for her. A more perfect date, we couldn’t plan.

saveKatie Stoops Photography
Photo: Katie Stoops Photography

4. A room full of flowers

You don’t have to lay down rose petals leading to the bedroom, but we’re sure she’d love to see some fresh blooms in your home. Plants bring life and flowers bring color and happiness to a room, so why not brighten her day with some beautiful florals!

5. A romantic weekend getaway

Regardless of the place, it could even be a staycation in your own city, just taking your lady out for a change of scenery will make her weak in the knees. If you want to plan something more elaborate, take her to a destination she’s always dreamed of visiting.

6. Take on some of her chores

Switch roles for a day and do the things she normally does. Does she normally cook, clean, or buy the groceries? Try doing it for her one day. You could even combine buying the groceries and get the ingredients you need to make her favorite food without her noticing.

7. A scrap album of your dearest momentos

We often like to keep little momentos to remind us of a special memory, like concert pamphlets, airline tickets, little love notes, but these days with everything going digital its harder and harder to come by those little trinkets. That’s why if you surprise your SO with a scrap album of collected of memorabilia to go with pictures, we’re sure she’ll fall in love all over again.

saveThe Cherries Pair
Photo: Cherries Pair

8. A nice lingerie set

This is a great gift because it’s for both her and you! But when choosing something for your lady, make sure it’s something that she’ll like, not just you.

9. A total relaxation day and night at a fancy hotel

In combination with your staycation, you could stay at a fancy hotel in your own city, just to take the edge off of the week’s stress. Book a spa appointment for her during the day and reserve a nice dinner at the hotel or order in room service at night. After a full day of pampering she’ll feel like a princess.

10. Her perfume

When you see your lady’s perfume is starting to run low, go out and buy her a new one. This may seem like a trivial gift, but in fact it mean so much more: it means that you pay attention to what she likes, as well as notice when she needs it. What could be more touching? It’s the little everyday things that touch our hearts.

savePhoto: Celine Chhuon
Photo: Céline Chhuon

These gestures big and small are all equally important to us women. You don’t need to spend all your savings, you simply need to show attentiveness and thoughtfulness to surprise her!

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