10 GIFs That Sum Up Life as Newlyweds

It’s not easy going back to the daily grind after a day as wonderful as your wedding. Lots of newlywed couples suffer from the post-wedding blues, but don’t worry, everything will be back to normal in a few weeks. In the meantime, here are the steps of the post-wedding phase summed up in GIFS.

Photo : Florian Maguin

1. Coming home


2. Feeling the post-wedding depression hit

Start over. I wasn’t ready.

3. Thinking back to the honeymoon

It sure was great.

3. Your photographer tells you your wedding photos aren’t ready yet

Excuse me?

4. Opening the awful gift from your aunt Susan

Will she find out if you throw it away?

5. The inevitable return to work


6. Checking to see just how durable your wedding dress is

7. Starting to showing off your marriage every chance you get

“Don’t worry. Your time will come!”

8. Remembering all of the administrative tasks that you have to do

No one said it was easy.

9. Your friend tells you she hired the same DJ for her wedding

The nerve…

10. Finally, you think “I’m married!”

What comes next? Children, a dog, a camping trip?

Can you think of any other ways to sum up life as a newlywed?

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