10 Honeymoon DOs and DON'Ts from WeddObsessed

Jaime Dray and her husband Steve on their honeymoon

I’ll admit, in the beginning I was apathetic about our honeymoon. Since my fiancé and I were footing the bill for our big day, a honeymoon was just NOT in the wedding budget. Read this list of DOs and DON’Ts to see what changed my mind.

I suggested to Steve that we wait, save up some money, and go a few months after our wedding, but Steve was very adamant – we were going on a honeymoon, one way or another! So I agreed, but did not know how we would pull it off. Then an amazing friend gave us an extremely generous wedding giftthe honeymoon as a wedding present! This week was basically the best week of our lives!

Traveling to Cancun (a very tourist-y spot), Steve and I encountered many things as honeymooners. The local people knew the moment we entered a market or restaurant that we were honeymooning – I’m not sure how they knew! We learned a LOT traveling to Cancun, so without further adieu, the Dray’s list of 10 DO’s and DON’Ts for your honeymoon:

1. DO give yourself at least a day between your wedding and your honeymoon to relax and recuperate from your wedding day! Steve and I got married on a Friday, left on a Sunday and I can’t imagine it any other way! (Plus you have time to open presents!)

2. DO arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel/resort in advance. I don’t speak Spanish and neither does Steve. While most of the people who work in Cancun spoke a little English, I cannot imagine negotiating a cab ride at the airport. Glad we did this pre-trip!

Jaime and Steve on their honeymoon in Cancun

3. DO go out beyond the tourist areas and shop in markets, grocery stores and other places in the country you visit. This is the BEST way to get an authentic experience! Also, use public transportation! We loved the local bus and it was SO CHEAP to use! The best food we ate was at little hole in the wall restaurants where they didn’t take debit cards or American money.

4. Speaking of money…DO contact your bank and alert them that you’re leaving the country. Also, make sure you check what fees you’ll be charged for using your ATM card outside the U.S. We got slammed with international point of sale fees for every time we used our debit/credit card for a transaction.

5. DON’T worry about money. There is nothing wrong with being frugal (both Steve and I grew up with moms that can make a penny wince in pain), but you don’t want to regret not doing something or buying something memorable because you wanted to save money. This is a once in a lifetime trip -live it up! The way Steve and I balanced this was by going shopping at a local grocery store and buying fresh fruit, drinks and sandwich meat for breakfasts and lunches, which was a fun memory, so we were able to spend money on more fun things, like my spa day at the hotel.

Relax and enjoy your honeymoon

6. DO relax. I think some people (*cough* me) have a hard time just being. It’s become unnatural as Americans to unplug and just enjoy the moment. This is your honeymoon – if you can’t relax now, when will you do it? Don’t feel like you HAVE to go out, or you HAVE to leave the hotel pool or you HAVE to go on 30 excursions. Take a day to just lay on the beach (but DO make sure you have ample sunscreen…we got burnt on our very last day) or just hang out in your room with your spouse. Enjoy just being newlyweds.

7. DON’T be afraid to try new things. This can be a great bonding experience for you and your spouse! Steve and I went snorkeling, and I was scared stiff. I am basically the worlds worst swimmer. But I am so glad that I went anyways. Not only was it gorgeous, but I was able to let go of my fears, and learn to trust Steve more! One of my favorite memories of the trip!

8. DON’T stay at an all-inclusive resort. Some people MAY disagree with me on this one, but hear me out! All-inclusive resorts get you with their convenient packages–all your food, all your entertainment, all your everything for one price. I don’t negate that is appealing. But you miss out on leaving your hotel, trying different food and traveling in the country you’re visiting. I met a guy at the airport who did an all inclusive and didn’t leave the hotel for a week! Not for the adventurous, free-spirited types.

9. DON’T talk about your wedding the whole time! You have forever and a day to rehash your event – instead talk about what your hopes and dream for your marriage are, or tell some funny stories about yourself as a kid. Use your honeymoon for what it is meant to be – a time where just the two of you have nothing to do but get to know each other better!

10. DON’T dismiss the importance of your honeymoon. I am so glad and so thankful that we went on a honeymoon. Even if you aren’t big on traveling, make it a point to do something right after your wedding, even if it’s something small like a weekend getaway There is just something so great about putting your lives on hold and cherishing each other, for whatever time you can.

We highly recommend Me by Melia–it was amazing, the rooms were awesome, the service was incredible and we loved every minute of our trip, even the sunburn.


Guest Blogger: Jaime Dray of WeddObsessed


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