10 Beautiful and Remote Islands for a Romantic Honeymoon or Vacation

Have you thought of an island destination for your romantic getaways? Are you looking for a unique honeymoon trip? Either way, this list should be your source of destination inspiration.

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Islands are synonymous with paradise. And Summer, of course, is the best time to enjoy these little pockets of Eden. Some islands, like Mikonos, Bora Bora or Ibiza are well known all over the world, with tonnes of tourists visiting every year. But would you like to discover practically untouched islands? Be one of the first to enjoy these serene islands, either as a Summer vacation or on your honeymoon.

Andros (Bahamas)


A large island with incredible activities for tourists, but it’s not as well known as other places. Therefore, it’s still special and very suitable for a quiet holiday, without any stress. Andros offers a majestic coral reef, the third largest in the world. Also, there are exquisite blue caves that no water lover should miss. Even for those who aren’t avid divers, the island offers a blend of turquoise water and vibrant nature which builds the perfect framework for a romantic getaway.

Photo via Shutterstock: Troutnut

Lipari (Sicily)

The Italians are aware of this little paradise, but to the rest of the world it is still largely unknown. Lipari’s beaches are pebbled, but their waters have a crystalline surface and an impressive ground layer of light volcanic stone. Playa Blanca, in particular, really is a must-see. These exotic spaces also welcome concerts and festivals that bring people together with nature, and so all visitors have the opportunity to discover new sensations. If you’re looking to experience a local culture like no other, as well as a romantic tranquility, Lipari is the place to go.

Photo via Shutterstock: eFesenko

Utila (Honduras)

Small and beautiful, Utila is an island where houses are built on the water, leaving expansive natural spaces to enjoy for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Utila’s beaches are consistently clean and untouched, and reveal magic beneath their waters: the second largest coral reef in the world. Its beauty is captivating and can be the ideal initiation for divers who want to witness the incredible seaworld first-hand. Can you think of a better place to discover and experience new things with your loved one? Utila is, undoubtedly, the treasure of Honduras.

Angela N Perryman
Photo via Shutterstock: Angela N Perryman

Comino (Malta)

The best thing about the island of Comino is that it is not inhabited, so the beaches offer virgin  sands. You will be able to quietly enjoy the spectacle of its turquoise waters, as blue as your dreams had imagined. The Blue Lagoon is the most beautiful spot of all, guarded by the white sand that serves as a resting place for all those who seek to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

Photo via Shutterstock: Alex_Traksel

Tsarabanjina (Madagascar)

A hidden wonder of the world and only populated by a few eco-tourist complexes that consist of small cabins. If you manage to book a night in them, you will enjoy total solitude and exclusivity, interrupted only by the birds that fly over the island. Meanwhile, you have beaches that meet every expectation of paradise: turquoise waters, white sand and a universe of amazing caves and rocks to discover.

 Pierre-Yves Babelon
Photo via Shutterstock: Pierre-Yves Babelon

Porquerolles (Francia)

This beauty belongs to the Îles d’Hyères and has two main environments to discover. On the one hand, its beaches are caressed by majestic pine forests; on the other, explore rocky terrain and cliffs for hiking. This jewel of the Mediterranean is permanently perfumed by pines and aromatic plants that allow any romantic stroll or walk to feel like a strong connection with Mother Nature.

Photo via Shutterstock: sergiopazzano

Palau (Micronesia)

If you want to flee the rest of the world, Palau is a republic that doesn’t only include one island, but 250, many of them uninhabited and united with the same objective of peace and serenity. Crystal clear waters, white sand and the extraordinary biodiversity blend together to give you unbeatable vacations and lovely honeymoons, as though exclusively just for you and your partner.

 tororo reaction
Photo: tororo reaction

Vis (Croatia)

Croatia is growing as a fashionable destination and it’s not hard to see why. The islands are gorgeous attractions that encourage coastal tourism and romantic exploring. But Vis is one of the islands less exploited by tourism, despite having a considerable population. Here, the cities of Vis and Kormiza stand out, as well as an amazing compendium of wild beaches and hidden coves. And, of course, the Mediterranean essence that thrives in every remote corner of the island, which can be tasted through local wines and excellent gastronomy.

Foto vía Shutterstock: xbrchx

Paxós (Greece)

Very small and absolutely charming. From its wooded areas, as green and comforting as Monet’s best painting, to its breathtaking waters, which look as bright as a highly filtered photo but are one hundred percent real, the island has everything to enjoy. Paxós also has beautiful white cliffs to explore, blue caves to visit by boat and a variety of natural delights seemingly designed by an artist for a true work of art.

Mila Atkovska
Photo via Shutterstock: Mila Atkovska

Pemba (Tanzania)

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