In Zankyou we are looking for technical profiles to join our current team. We are looking for all candidates who are interested in learning, teaching, open-minded and, above all, willing to do things correctly.

Zankyou will offer you to join a young team (the average age of the company is around 30 years) with many nationalities, due to our international presence, such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, USA.

Being part of the Zankyou family means having the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, due to the number of cultures and languages​​ represented at Zankyou.

What do we offer?

You’ll work in a dynamic, young and multicultural environment with a good working environment, representing the image of a technology company in full expansion and 100% results-oriented. As well as the following conditions:

- Indefinite contract

- Full day from Mon-Thru 09:00h to 18:30h and Fri 08:00h to 14:00h, with one Home Office day per week (yes, we bet on reconciling family and work!).

- Six-monthly feedback with salary increases based on performance.

- Complete initial and continuous training in relation to your job.

- Possibilities of professional development and internal promotion.

Additional information

In Zankyou we do love sports. We don't have a runners club as such, but there are many of us who usually organize their training together. We always participate in marathons and sport events whenever it is possible!

We usually have company meetings during the year and different special events, good vibes are guaranteed!



This will depend on the experience and knowledge you have, but each team mate ends up being the owner of projects, areas of application, etc.

In Zankyou we have many projects in which you can be involved, depending on your tastes and experiences. You can work at a more pure backend level, work more with javascript or lend a hand in our iOS or Android applications if it motivates you, of course.

We work with Zend, but we don't care about the framework, since it must be a tool to work, not a tie for your project.

We are very agile, so much that we use Scrum and Kanban with Zankyou’s flavour. We only take what we need from each methodology to be more productive.

Required skills

Minimum requirements:

Knowledge and experience of object-oriented programming (OOP)

We would love you to know PHP. You don't need to know it by memory (that's why we have php.net), but have a basis to start doing tasks

Knowledge and experience of Javascript (who haven’t done anything with jQuery at some point?)

MySQL. Working with queries has no secrets for you, right?

Bonus points:

Design patterns… You know the most common of them and have used them in a real project (don’t say “singleton”, please ;-) )

PHP. You’ve worked on big projects and you’re familiar with some frameworks like Symfony, Zend Framework, etc.

Javascript. You’ve worked with objects, you know what a promise is and you’ve used AJAX requests more than your favorite shoes :-)

MYSQL. You know the internals of a query and have managed database performance.

GIT. Working with branches...

If you meet them, Jackpot!








Continuous Integration

Clean Code is your bedside book

PSR sounds like something that has nothing to do with medicine

Have a profile on Github full of personal projects that we will be happy to look at


Send your CV text