Wedding Photography Like You´ve Never Seen: with a drone!

Get a new angle on wedding photography with drones!

  • Photography and videography

Not all drones have a negative application – these days drones are becoming part of our everyday lives. With Amazon in talks for having drones deliver our packages and (our personal favorite) photographers/videographers using the little drone for spectacular aerial shots, the flying machines are probably going to become an everyday occurrence – and if only they were used more for occasions like this!

The drone offer an amazing angle that was nearly impossible to achieve before – unless you hired a helicopter to take the wedding photographer up into the skies. The drone is far safer, less noisy and gets the same great shots, if not better because it can hover and get closer than a helicopter could. And really, who can afford a helicopter?

We especially love the bird´s eye view shot of the couple walking down the aisle together after saying their “I dos” and the aerial shot of the wedding party forming a big heart. So, would you include a drone at your wedding?

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