Wedding Dresses by Rebecca Ingram- Kaitlyn Collection: The Most Spectacular Designs

  • Kaitlyn, Rebecca Ingram.
  • Adrian. Credits: Rebeca Ingram
  • Beatrice. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
  • Cynthia. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
  • Diana. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
  • Edith. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
  • Eloise. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
  • Gladys. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Faye. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Grace. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Helena. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Isolde. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Jeanine. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Karen. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Leonora. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Liv. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Maeve. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Mona. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Naomi. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Octavia. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Patricia. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Ruth. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Sally. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
    • Thera. Credits: Rebecca Ingram
  • [ALT] 16+

You have been asked for your hand in marriage and are now immersed in the preparations for your wedding, and you have surely taken a look at many wedding dress collections. The huge variety that international designers and workshops display, season after season means there is more choice than ever. If you want a very up-to-date and youthful design for your big day, do not miss the new Kaitlyn Collection by Rebecca Ingram. You will love it!

Among the designs you can see in this gallery there are all sorts of different kinds of trends. The designer thinks of women of all shapes and sizes and with diverse senses of style. Among the most sought after, are the A-line designs that are impeccably finished off with a sash and perfectly fitted bodies, made with the very best lace. Another of the most in-demand cuts is of course the traditional mermaid style wedding dress which defines your curves superbly. There is also a vast array of necklines, including shoulders: drooping, illusion, V-neckline, and semi-transparent backs and sleeves. All of these are adorned with a sash made of the very best rhinestones, providing a chic and very elegant focal point.

Without doubt, this is a very complete collection that is not one to be missed.  Get inspired with the new wedding dress collection by Rebecca Ingram, Kaitlyn Collection and choose the one that best suits you.

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