Wedding Dress Inspiration HRH Grace Kelly of Monaco

Look like royalty on your wedding day by emulating Grace Kelly´s iconic style on the anniversary of her wedding day.

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The date was April 19, 1956. Prince Rainier of Monaco and the impeccably elegant Grace Kelly got married in the Cathedral of Saint Nicolas. It was one of the most memorable weddings of the time, a fairy tale romance come true. And who could forget Grace of Monaco´s wedding dress? It has inspired brides ever since she walked down the aisle. We wanted to pay tribute one of the most beautiful princesses and give our readers some inspiration on how they can look like a princess for their own wedding.

Because Grace was still under contract at MGM when she accepted Prince Rainer´s proposal, the studio had a policy of providing all their female stars with wedding dresses. So, Grace´s dress was designed by studio costume designer, Helen Rose, and it is perfectly elegant and regal. The aptly named princess cut was designed with rose point lace covering the high neck and long sleeves, the bodice, veil, train insert and prayer book, then Valenciennes lace for the skirt support and ruffled petticoat, and taffeta for the skirt. The skirt itself is especially unique the way it opens in the back to reveal the train inset of rose point lace is absolutely stunning.

Now let´s talk about the accessories. No tiara! Instead, Grace opted for an incredibly beautiful beaded Juliet cap, which perfectly complimented her bouquet of lilies and her discreet pair of pearl and diamond earrings. The look was so magical, Grace looked like she was stepping out of a Medieval tapestry, especially the Juilet cap.

Now its your chance to look like royalty on your wedding day, too!

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Wedding Dress Inspiration HRH Grace Kelly of Monaco