Wedding Decor Inspiration: Balloons!

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Whimsical, fun, and universally loved, balloons are a great wedding decor addition. Like bubbles, they bring out the inner child in us all. The great thing about balloons is they really can go anywhere! Attach them to wedding chairs, wedding decor, even to people so you can locate them from a distance – our mothers used to do this to keep track of us on the playground, wouldn´t it be great to bring back at a wedding?

Balloons have a more lighthearted feel about them, but that doesn´t mean they wouldn´t fit at rustic or modern wedding. After the Pixar film Up made us all cry, we´ve seen mor eand more balloons popping up in weddings. If you´ve got a soft spot for the film, you´ll definitely want to check out this couple´s anniversary video.

In this gallery we wanted to assemble some amazing ideas for wedding decoration with balloons of all shapes and colors. Balloons have a thousand uses and they´re also easily a DIY feature to add to your wedding decor. You can decorate the altar if you get married outdoors, the photocall, the seating, the dessert table, the couple’s car and countless other places. Take a look and get inspired!

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