Wedding Decor Highlight: Block Letters

  • Credits: Braedon Photography
  • Credits: Etsy
  • Credits: Padilla y Rigau
  • Credits: Braedon Photography
  • Credits: Braedon Photography
  • Credits: Chris Spira Photography
  • Credits: Cecile Pimprunelle Photography
  • Credits: Christina Richards Photography
    • Credits: Jairo Crena
    • Credits: Joielala
    • Credits: KT Merry Photography
    • Credits: Norma Grau
    • Credits: Paula Player Photography
    • Credits: Sarah Kate Photography
    • Credits: Kiwo
    • Credits: Norma Grau
    • Credits: Tara Francis Photography
    • Credits: Sarah Murray Photography
    • Credits: Amalie Orrange
    • Credits: Carlos Aragón
    • Credits: Pierre Atelier
    • Credits: Sara Frost
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Initials, words of love, these easily DIY wedding decor pieces are a great was to add a personalized touch to any wedding. Adorn block letters with flowers of every kind and wild plants, or light them up with lights. Go for a more rustic look with cork or a more modern look with neon. 

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