Ways to Incorporate Velvet into Your Wedding: The Hottest Trend for the Coming Seasons!

Descubre el must de la temporada y deja que el terciopelo forme parte de tu boda. ¡Te encantará!

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It’s true that over the years winter weddings have increased in popularity. What with the increased versatility of wedding dresses and accessories to keep you warmer and more comfortable in colder climates, brides opting for cozier, more classic themes for their weddings and how easy it is to achieve “white wedding status” when everything around is covered in snow! The mandatory trend in recent seasons is velvet, and not surprisingly, because its tasteful appearance and multiple uses make it both a practical and elegant winter wedding material for brides and guests alike. Don’t miss out on this gallery that will inspire you to find ways to incorporate velvet into your wedding day. You’ll want it all!

Starting with the bridal look, a beautiful velvet wedding dress is something spectacular, and if you like traditional dresses, you can opt for a vintage wedding dress that will leave everyone fascinated. Although if you also want to add a touch of velvet to your accessories, choose a nice velvet wedding belt, a headdress, tie a velvet ribbon around your bouquet or choose some velvet wedding shoes. Shades of wine red and rose seem to be the current favorites, but that doesn’t mean that lesser-seen colors, such as mustard, blue or gray are any less beautiful. Velvet isn’t just great for the wedding outfits, but it also looks fantastic when incorporated into the actual decoration of the wedding. How about table decorations with incredible velvet tablecloths and spectacular centerpieces that bring majesty and luxury to the whole celebration. Opting for the velvet for the chair decoration is another good option, because as a fabric, it’s perfect for both its texture and comfort.

Draw inspiration from all these ideas that we’re giving you because, whether you are a bride or a guest, choosing velvet for the big day is a great option. Enjoy!

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