Vintage Bridal Gowns

  • Marie Laporte 2015.
  • Franc Sarabia 2015.
  • Rosa Clará 2015, SANDRA.
  • Alberta Ferretti 2015,  TALITA.
  • Alberta Ferretti 2015,  ORIONE.
  • Rosa Clará 2015, SIBERIA.
  • Alberta Ferretti 2015, ANTARES.
  • Alma Novias 2015, PALMER.
    • Laure de Sagazan 2015, ALLEN.
    • YolanCris 2015 Boho Chic, ANAIS.
    • Anna Kara 2015, JOY.
    • Anna Kara 2015, SARAH.
    • YolanCris 2015 Vintage couture, BONNY.
    • Stephanie Wolff 2015, FLEUR.
    • Marie Laporte 2015, GEORGIA.
    • Temperley London 2015.
    • Temperley London 2015.
    • Lambert Créations 2015, LÉOPOLDINE.
    • Marchesa 2015.
    • Stephanie Wolff 2015, MARY.
    • Miquel Suay 2015, DOMINIQUE.
    • Jenny Packham 2015, MONROE.
    • Pronovias 2015 Couture, SALOMA.
    • Pronovias 2015 Modern Bride, SHANTAL.
    • Stephanie Wolff 2015, EDIE top.
    • YolanCris 2015 Vintage Couture, TULA.
    • Justin Alexander 2015.
    • Delphine Manivet 2015, FLORENTIN top GREGOR skirt.
    • Nicole Spose 2015 Nicole, DORIS.
    • Nicole Spose 2015 Nicole, DOREEN.
    • Elie Saab 2015 Resort.
    • Marie Laporte 2015.
    • Franc Sarabia 2015.
    • Monique Lhuilier 2015, FABRIENNE.
    • Rosa Clará 2015 Soft, IANA.
  • [ALT] 27+

What is it about old things that awakens such nostalgia within us? Everything that was once upon a time in fashion is resurfacing with a new found interest, perhaps even more so than before. Vintage is so much more than just a style, it’s a way of life. When you buy something vintage you let your imagination run wild thinking of the value of your prized possession and its uses and previous owners many years ago.

These gowns for us are nostalgic. Current designs with a vintage feel. 2015 designs by Elie Saab, Justin Alexander, Delphine Manivet, YolanCris, Stephanie Wolff, Laure de Sagazan, Pronovias, Jenny Packham, Miquel Suay, Marchesa, Lambert Créations, Temperley London, Marie laporte, Anna Kara, Alma Novias, Alberta Ferretti, Rosa Clará, Franc Sarabia and Monique Lhuillier.

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