Vintage Books: How to Use them in your Wedding Decor

Have some musty, vintage books on hand? Here´s some great ways to use them in your wedding decor!

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Are you a vintage book lover? We mean, not just reading them, but do you love the way a physical book looks and feels? Then this gallery is for you. Did you know that books make for great wedding decor? How so, you ask? Well, let´s just give you a few examples of how this multi-functional object can be used: as place-card holders, impromptu stands and coasters, table number indicators, they can also easily be turned into little boxes, pots for plants, pages can be folded to spell out a message, etc. Vintage books are also relatively cheap to buy, sometimes selling for less than a dollar. The uses are endless and really, what could make you love books more, besides actually reading them? Oh, they also make great wedding favors, too!

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