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Vera Wang 2017 Bridal Gowns: A Modernized Fairy-tale for the Modern Bride

With 2017 well on the way, Vera Wang has gone and created a fabulous collection that you can't not take a look at. Don't believe us? Go ahead.

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We do not know exactly how she manages to do it, but Vera Wang has distinguished herself by reinventing the sensuality of all brides and women the world over with each collection that she brings out. This time, we invite you to be part of a beautiful display, a creative commitment that is exalted thanks to Vera Wang’s 2017 Wedding Dress Collection. Believe us, each image will inspire you to walk towards the altar as you have always dreamed! If this is a treat, this designer knows how to set the most magnificent trends!

To give the brides getting married in 2017 what they want, Vera Wang decided to make a collection where the simple dresses contrast with the more voluminous details. As if it were the style of a queen who loves fashion, in this collection what stands out the most are corseted bodies, showcasing femininity and sensualityTransparent fabrics and cloud-like skirts made out of tulle sparkle from a distance with the aim of redefining the best of glamor in a perfect environment! Flower petals adorn the minimalist skirts, while the necks are adorned with frills and details that dial the bride’s style up a notch.

Princess-cut bridal gowns come back as the big stars of the 2017 Vera Wang collection; Yes, with a generous helping of precious stones embellishing the fabric and plenty of bustle in the skirts. The illusion necklines showcase the flirtatious and daring side of the bride, and are complemented by skirts that have textured floral patterns, as well as ultra sensual transparencies that show a little something, but not too much. Layered skirts, trains that leave an impact, exquisite fabrics and inspiration that was clearly taken from a modernized fairy tale … All this and more takes shape in these dream dress designs! 

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Vera Wang 2017 Bridal Gowns: A Modernized Fairy-tale for the Modern Bride